"The Golden Rule... It Greetings people!!! First of all, to my better-half, yes I can!!!… And to RC&J,  yes!, you can do anything you set your mind to. 

Thank you for visiting my website. I want it to motivate the strivers, the wannabes as well as the laggards. I sincerely hope that you will get a charge out of going through my web pages. fall02 It is not sophisticated just yet, but it is functional and that’s good for now. Wanting to create my  website has been a long time aspiration of mine. I finally took the initiative to do some research after the better-half asked if it’s something that I can do (i.e., build her a website). Obviously then the answer was no, but told her I’d look into it see if it’s something that I can fathom. So to cut a long story short, with a little knowledge of html/css and more importantly discovering WordPress, a content management system (CMS), my ambition was finally realized and you are here on my website, so far so good. I am learning new things as I add stuff. I don’t do this full-time but I visit here now and then to add new things that I just learned (just to tinker with the contents). By the way, if you’re curious and would like to see the website I created for the better-half Click_Here-003. The beginning stages were truly a challenging moments for me just because I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I considered consulting a web developer but after weighing in the pros and cons (especially factoring in the recurring expenses involved maintaining the website after it’s built), I opted to just figure it out and see if I can do it myself. I’ve always been interested in learning it anyway inspiration2so it was a good time as any to find out if I can deliver the goods or not. Besides, had things not turn out the way I anticipated, acquiring the services of a web developer is always an option (It’s my contingency plan but the last thing I had in mind since it would’ve meant depending and paying someone for their services). Obviously I came through cuz you’re here! in “my” website reading this. It is what I had expected just not as smooth as I’ve anticipated. The initial process was definitely a challenging one to say the least, for me anyway. Not having any clue nor a concept whatsoever where to begin was truly discouraging. And if you’re not patient, frustration can easily take over and can make you give it up (that is why patience is a virtue). What kept my dream alive was the excitement created by my thoughts of staring at this cool website that “I”, theZman, created. That image kept me motivated and I am really glad I persisted because now that I see the fruits of my labor, it’s definitely worth all the frustrations I’ve gone through figuring this web thing out. And if I my say so myself, I think having shot two birds with one stone (that is, figuring it out and building the better-half her website via CMS with a little knowledge of html and css) is pretty darn good, don’t you agree? There is no feeling that is more encouraging knowing you accomplished something you thought you could not do. It is a tremendous sense of fulfillment, a good high and just awesome experience… Sometimes you just have to believe and take a chance. So to R²,J and M², “persevere and you will more likely succeed than not”.

Compared with other websites, this one does not have a particular theme just yet (there are literally just too many to choose from). This website’s primary purpose is to serve as an inspiration. To encourage everyone visiting here that anything is truly possible.Inspiration If you really want it bad enough, you’re committed and focused (with realistic expectations), the chances of achieving whatever it is you want to do is more likely to happen than not. I remember craving for a favorite dish our mom used to make (one of her specialties), but since she has moved on to infinity (to join our dad in Heaven), the only choice was to learn how to make it myself or suffer the consequence of endless appetition Tongue Out.Of course it took me several tries before I came out with something savory, but I did it. The point is, when you think of doing something that matters (especially one that’s important to you), don’t just dream about it, you have to give it your best and try to see it through. Determine what’s involved and see if it is something you can do yourself, or find someone who can assist you. Otherwise if you don’t, you’ll just end up in a state of limbo and uncertainty is not a good feeling Undecided. I’m sure you’ll feel better knowing you gave it a try, gave yourself a chance at taking a crack at it and moved on. Don’t you think you’ll feel better knowing you at least did something about it? Of course you do

Tips, Tidbits & Some:   Video By: CBS 60 Minutes

Of course it’s easier said than done. That is why now and then we just have to do a little attitude tweaking, exert a little effort to push ourselves… Will-power!!! I remember being indecisive during the initial stages of this project and started second guessing myself. I thought maybe this web thing is not for me after all. But Possiblelike I mentioned earlier, if we really want it bad enough (I did and still do), especially realizing it will make a difference in our livelihood, we will find a way to make things happen. So with a little attitude adjustment, positivity, (and a little patience) I started perusing the html book (paced myself) one chapter (step) at a time. It was obvious that doing the latter made the learning process less complicated and more interesting. I still don’t know where I am headed with this and unsure of how far I can go with it. But what I know now is I can do it, and that in itself is satisfying. As you can see, I’m just chugging along and so far so good. For now, anything goes and this website will definitely look busy. I am fine with that simply because it is a positive indication that I am grasping the concept. And everything contained herein are stuff I’ve already learned, tested and I am comfortable with. I will no doubt use this website for my reference to find how I did things as well as testing newly acquired techniques. So you will definitely notice contents being added or moved around here and there and on the other pages.

Incidentally, interested in giving a helping hand? thumbnailCAMTYPSUGenerosity even in the tiniest way can help transform and could make a difference in someone’s livelihood. I will never forget our mom every now and then reminding us not to forget the needy and the less fortunate. She used to say, “Remember, you will not become poor by giving to the needy“. Not only is she right but it is the right thing to do. Not to conceit on her generosity, my better-half (just like her parents) is also naturally giving… My sisters and brother are the same way, most in the family are. A quality we inherited from our parents, God bless them. You see being deprived and going hungry doesn’t discriminate. It is color blind and sadly it is getting worst. It’s no longer a problem just common in third world countries. It’s here in our own backyard, the USA, American children in particular going to bed hungry. There’s nothing wrong with helping others (countries), but, more than anything else, it is imperative and our responsibility to take care of our own first, and then others… Click_Here-003. Who would’ve thought in this day and age that hunger will be a problem in this country, it’s unthinkable but it is reality people! So please do not hesitate to give “when” you can. Make a difference, but more importantly do the right thing and help the needy. Give to your favorite charity and/or if you are interested, check out the following organizations:

  • Prevent (especially children) from going to bed hungry, Click_Here-004 Feeling Good
  • Want to make a child happy for that one special day? Feeling Good Click_Here-003
  • How about helping mentor foster teens and be associated with a win/win cause founded by a genuine American idol (Mr. Fortitude), someone kids can truly emulate, and someone the IRS claims (check here) is one of the most generous… Click_Here-003!!! OR
  • How about assisting our brave men & women in uniform? Click_Here-004!!!
  • Click_Here-004 to help raise funds for someone truly in need

The aforementioned are wonderful causes to be involved with. Making a difference in someone’s life either by giving or by spending some quality time with them (even if it’s just for a short while) is invaluable… It is very up-lifting to both parties involved and it definitely brings out the best in us.

Okay moving on, have you pondered doing something different? Ponder Are you feeling burned-out on your current job? I am sure a number of you at some point considered changing careers (I did after eighteen years in IT), or at least thought of learning a new craft but is too busy and just kinda put it in the back-burner? Well, it’s definitely something to consider. After all you only have something to gain and that’s a good thing. In addition to expanding your forte, it could be a difference maker later in life. Something that might be beneficial to you, especially during the golden years, retirement. Although the latter is definitely NOT for me as I find it really boring, matter of fact that’s how I ended up venturing in this web thing, I was bored. But for those of you who think otherwise, acquiring a new skill could be the “usual” changer. Your daily routine will NOT be as boring and predictable, you will be productive and your day more interesting. I mean, you can’t travel all the time, right? and certainly you can’t grope around doing nothing, just wasting your day sitting on your buns watching your 85″ Smart LED HDTV 24-7… 🙂 (and soon it’ll be an Ultra HD, an upgrade from the Blu-Ray). You have to get up, be active and do something constructive people! Get your mind going instead of wasting it doing nothing. Just like that commercial states, truly “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

So go ahead and do it, knowledge is power people! It’s never too late nor anyone is too old to acquire new skills. thumbnailCA3QNZMELearning is an ongoing process, it’s unceasing. Today’s technology is superlative and with all the advancement plus the internet anything is truly possible. There are just many techy tools available for everyone to utilize (to learn new stuff, so there’s no excuse). Veritably, you can even earn a degree while in the comfort of your home, you have many choices to choose from. RVMHFor the younger generation considering a career change, I suggest you choose something conducive to boost your marketability. One that’ll give you an edge in getting that particular job, or capture that elusive promotion you’ve been eyeing on. Preferably a skill you will enjoy doing for eons and one that is adaptable in any field (e.g., business, accounting, computer related skills, website design). denise_leis-002For me I’d like to do exactly this, web related stuff. I’ve been wanting to be involved with for sometime. And if not for my continued quest to learn, I would have not discovered CMS. The other alternative to html for website design/creation (albeit some knowledge of html/css is still a must). Learning the system gives me total control of everything, from the inception, design, appearance and unequivocally what the contents will be. Hence it is definitely a good fit for me and there’s no better time than now to get it started. Find out if I can do it and if so, how far I can take it to. Reading the obsolete html book I purchased a decade ago was the start. And honestly, I really thought I was going to be bored to death and just might drop the idea all together. But surprisingly, not too bad I am comprehending the concept and it’s starting to pay-off. You’re looking at the proof. The difference getting to this point so quick (i.e., creating this website from scratch) is learning WordPress a CMS (an acronym for “Content Management System”). It really accelerated the process and so far so good. Of course there are moments of frustrations Ugh! figuring things out, likewise there are many rewarding Big Boss climactic moments as well. Especially when I figure out something hard (for me anyway), it’s like… BARABOOMBOOM!!! IT WORKS!!! Pat myself in the back and admire at what I just deciphered… LOL Wondering what the two pictures above are all about? Just showcasing samples of accessories hand crafted by my better-half. She’s truly crafty, a creative one indeed, the female McGyver!!! . Click “ON” either pictures to visit her website, I hope you’ll like it.

Getting involve with something new requires preparation ergo research is a must. And during the course of doing one on-line (surfing the net for website design materials), I came across and responded to an ad on Craigslist posted by a gentleman from the east coast who happens to be a webmaster (talking about co-incidence). And in one of our initial correspondences I mentioned to him that I am very much interested in learning web design and that I am in the midst of learning html. I told him that any advise he can give me will truly be appreciated, if he can just point me in the right direction. He suggested in addition to html I should also consider learning CMS (an acronym for Content Management System) as an alternative. He says among the good ones, namely Drupal, Joomla and WordPress (he’s been using the former), the latter he thinks is the best of them all and the one that I should look into. He thinks WordPress is a powerhouse that’s flexible of accommodating simple to complex websites and still maintain its user-friendliness. I’m glad I took his advice and you’re looking at the result. And as Paul Harvey would say “and now you know the rest of the story” lol. Also, it is definitely beneficial to know a little HTML & CSS. Some of the modifications I made on this website were done with the latter. You just can’t do without HTML and CSS when designing websites. Anyway, I hope you go through all the pages (tabs on top) and feel free to email me your suggestions. Remember I am still a novice at this (I’m doing it off and on) so take it easy with your constructive criticism 😉 . This is my testing site so most of the stuff will go through here for testing purposes.


Having your own website requires a hosting site. That means choosing from a number of companies whose primary purpose is to store (host) websites (along with the files and database associated with said website) in their servers. The servers in general are remote computers (used for storage) owned by the hosting company. You’ll need to evaluate what’s being provided (varies by company) and choose the one you think who will best meet your needs. Since the service will be similar, choosing the right one in my opinion will all come down to two important factors, response time and effectiveness of troubleshooting the problem. After reviewing the report published in the “Top Ten Web Hosting Companies” and taking into account importance of having top-notch support (in addition to service especially in the beginning stages of building a website), I chose iPage to host mine (website) and so far so good. It’s been a positive experience for me so far, no complaints whatsoever. The staff there are really genuine about providing quality service and I am glad I chose them. If you’d like to learn more about them, click on the AD to the right of this paragraph:

What’s next for me now? I guess anything from hereon is anyone’s guess. It will be more of a learning process. I will be in and out of here spending some time performing trial and error stuff. I am venturing into something that is totally new to me so I am not sure what is ahead. But I definitely want to continue with this, there will be a lot of challenges ahead but I’m up to it. I hope anyone visiting here in this profession will consider me to assist them so I can learn from the best (practice makes perfect). Or maybe an entry-level position so I can learn on the job. One thing I want for sure is for this website to have a pulse 🙂 , fun and interesting. I thought of leaving this page open for comments so that I can get some suggestions. But then again, that might be opening Pandora’s box to the spammers, so we’ll see. So if you want to contact me, just fill out the “Contact Me Here” section (on the upper right corner of each page) and I will get back with you ASAP, thank you.

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Like my logo? Anyway, my new-found skill is making things interesting for me once again. The idea of learning CMS to build a website is really exciting and definitely challenging. I was skeptic at first concerned if my aging brain was up to the task (of comprehending), but the optimist in me says no problem dude, you can do it!!! . So here I am, after all, it’s not like I’m loosing something big time. The worst case scenario is for me to just forget about the idea and move on to do something else.

So, as I’ve stated before, the better-half kept pestering me about having her own website but I was procrastinating. I finally got the ball rolling and hit the obsolete HTML book I’ve had for years. Surprisingly for an older version, the materials were not as boring the way others described it. In addition, I took Mr. Fisher’s advise and gave it a go learning Content Management System, CMS for short. I’m thankful as well as grateful for his assistance in pointing me in the right direction. I haven’t looked back since and you are looking at the results of what I’ve learned. This website is a bona fide testament when you put your mind into something, maintain focus and make a commitment, then anything is possible… You are only limited by your imagination. And remember, when things do not come your way, you just can’t concede without trying. Don’t sit on your buns and wait for it to happen, you “must” persevere and find the initiative to get it going. Otherwise, you snooze, you loose. So far so good and I am happy with the results. I expect using this new-found knowledge for something or someone down the road. I’d really like to go back to work to be productive. I’m optimistic I’ll find something soon, even a part-time job will be a good thing. If this semi-retirement status is not for me, can you imagine being fully retired? It gets boring after a while.

Video taken by yours truly. On our motorcycles on our way to Yosemite Park and then back at Theron’s place at Pine Mountain Lake for some margaritas on the rock, cold brew and cooked to order steak. By the way, that’s the Dodge man in front of me… We go way back. The weather was just perfect, around 75º, calm wind making riding pleasurable. Just perfect weather all around here in God’s country, you just want to ride and keep going.

Well, that’s it for now folks. Make sure you think first before you act, don’t do something you might regret later. 3G’s to all (i.e., good health, good luck, and of course, God bless). Challenge yourself!!! Like I said earlier, get up! be active and do something constructive. Get your mind going instead of wasting it doing nothing.


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