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Hard times continue  to linger and it has truly made things hard for a lot of us.  The rich is getting richer and the American Middle-Class, the true economic engine of this great country is getting poorer and seem to be loosing its grip.  We the people must act to prevent the latter from happening, SERIOUSLY!!!  We have to let our elected officials know that we will hold them accountable for their actions and inactions.  And that their priorities must include programs that will ensure helping our own people first is a must before we can help others.  We have to force them to do what’s good for the American People, NOT what is good for their parties. The unemployment rate hasn’t really gone down and the cost of living in general hasn’t improved.  Over fifty (50) employees who lost their jobs are not only facing tough competition but also seem to face “age discrimination”.  I know people who are fifty plus years old with solid experience who are still searching after three plus years of being unemployed. Hardship still lingers and it’s causing a lot of burden on a lot of families, a big dent on everyone’s wallet. Trust1When the price of gasoline reached almost $5 per gallon it affected many of us and going places was no longer a freedom we enjoy like we used to (just going for a ride to the grocery store used to cost an arm and a leg at the pumps). Even when there was no reason for gas prices to increase, they did go up anyway. Well, it has gotten better since then. We finally got a relief now that gas prices are at their lowest. We seem to have gotten smarter by driving less. 

But when it comes to finances every bit of help we can get counts. One big expense most household incur is maintenance on vehicles and we all know a properly maintained vehicle ensures longevity and peace of mind.  Hence the need to find a truly trustworthy mechanic who knows what they’re doing is a must.   So I’d like to share (I’m NOT recommending, it’s FYI only) with everyone visiting here this website I discovered whose primary function is to provide a list of reputable auto shops near where you live.  Auto shops (for your area) displayingRepairPal02-001 the blue “Repair Pal Certified” logo are top-notch. They’re members of the “Top Shop” group,  that means the shop passed the rigorous screening performed by certified master mechanics for the following preconditions (and more):



  1. Honest Reputation 
  2. Experience
  3. Quality Of Work Performed
  4. Positive Feedback From Customers
  5. Pricing
  6. Warranty
  7. Continuing Education (not required but a good indication)

In addition to the above, the website also provides a “Repair Price Estimator” (RPE) to ensure no one has to pay more than they Car_Odometerhave to.  You just simply input the make, year, model of your vehicle along with your zip code and it will display the fair price (minimum / maximum) associated with the maintenance and/or repair you selected. 

I will post here my experience as soon as I am able to personally use their services. Until then, good luck to everyone.  Please Click_Here-003 to visit  their website.

Another savings tip!!!  I read sometime ago that the following could help save some mula the next time you visit your grocery store.  Remember that hit song in the 80’s titled “8675309/Jenny”?  Well, it turns out that the song may actually help lower the cost of buying groceries.  But because most of us are apprehensive giving out personal information (phone number included and rightfully so) and don’t want to be bothered, we are missing out on good discounts at the grocery stores.  Next time you’re at the check out stand and the clerk asks you for your phone number (to apply the discounts available), give her “Jenny’s Number” (i.e., “your area code” followed by 867-5309).  Think I’m kidding?  Click_Here-003 to find out more.  Small stuff like this helps, and anything to help lower any type of expenses is a good thing, especially nowadays.

How about this one? It’s one of those “feel good” situation.  My buddy  Mr. “T” sent me this video about a man and his best friend (this one takes it up a notch).  If you’re feeling down this might put a smile on your face.  Check it out and I am sure you’ll find it  awe-inspiring, Click_Here-003 to see the video.

Yes, who does that? Another really “feel good” story.  With bad news dominating what we read and watch nowadays, this particular story deserves a front page attention just because it contradicts all the negativity that seems to be the only story the news media are reporting. Click_Here-004 to watch this extra-ordinary act of righteousness and Click_Here-003 to read the article. Even though it is the normal thing to do (honesty), the media should show more of this kind of acts for young people to see and emulate.  And how about lending a hand for our brave soldiers, Click_Here-003.

Home ownership is the American dream.  And for most of us, it will probably be the biggest investment we will ever make in our lifetime.  So now you’re ready to be a home-owner, you’ve been pre-qualified, you have enough saved for the down-payment and you also found the house you want, so you’re all set right?  Not yet.  If you want this venture to have a good ending, you have extra homework to do to ensure the big investment you’re about to make will not be something you might regret big time later on…  Click_Here-003 to find out, it could save you lots of headache down the road.

Click_Here-004 to check this awesome organization.  They offer a program (a one-on-one mentorship) that will provide a life changing apprenticeship to youths in underserved communities across the United States.  It started in San Francisco, CA and is now planning a pilot program in the east coast. If you know of families who can benefit from this program (i.e., help spark their kid’s potential), tell them about this program and help spread the word… make a difference in someone’s life.  A mind is truly a terrible thing to waste.  Our youths are the future of this great country.  And in order for them to continue to lead and compete with the rest of the world, they have to be ready, polished and educated.


Testing the video feature:

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"Cruising with the Sumo Rider" 

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 How To Calm a Crying Baby

Check it out, my daughter told me about this cool webcams in New York (also in other cities of the world).  A number of these webcams feed real-time videos and are placed in various locations in Time Square (about eight (8) cameras).  So if you have family and friends vacationing there, ask them to look for camera #2 and say hello.  You have to scroll down to choose which camera you want to see, Click_Here-003 to see the video.

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Check out these health related stuff (draw your own conclusion). Click_Here-003 and find out why tomatoes are good for us and Click_Here-003 to see how to cleanse the colon.  “According” to the article, the following fruits are “specifically” good for cleansing the colon and the entire digestive tract: Mango, Pineapple, Kiwi and Papaya.  Had I known this earlier I would have done it then, but, the optimist in me says it’s never too late.


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