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OBJECTIVE: I would like to go back to work so I can be productive, I am currently semi-retired. I am looking for something a little less stressful, a non managerial, non supervisory position (but I am definitely willing in sharing my experiences should my advise is requested). I am available part-time or full-time and can start immediately. I just want to work to be active.  In addition to my twenty (20+) plus years experience in sales and marketing, I am also computer literate with managerial experience and eighteen (18+) plus years experience in information technology. I’ve successfully endeavored in various capacities (e.g., sales and marketing; research and development; application design and implementation; computer operation; facility installation; user(s) training/support, etc.). All told, having worked for only two companies substantiates my stability and dependability. Hence if you are looking for someone stable, seasoned and proactive, a quick learner, easy-going and a game changer, I am your guy. As for being over-qualified, experience adds value and labeling a seasoned applicant over-qualified is a misnomer, employers can never have “too” much talent(s) AND stability.


SELF-EMPLOYED:                                                   1991 – Present

Insurance Broker-Agent (San Francisco Bay Area/ Central Valley):

In this capacity I market/sell protection (by providing insurance policy) to individuals, families and businesses. Policy consists of providing coverage for homeowners; landlords; business owners; autos; motorcycles; life; group health insurance & worker’s compensation. My responsibilities include going over policy contents (coverage type, endorsements, exclusions, etc.) with clients; process claims and follow-up; solve policy issues; gather/confirm/process client information; asset(s) inspection; customer service; data entry; book-keeping; bank deposit and issuance of evidence of insurance (to financial institutions). By having my clients’ best interest at heart, my retention goes back in the 90’s.

MARINE TERMINALS CORPORATION (now Ports of America):            1972-1990

Director, MIS (San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Long Beach) 1985-1990:

In this position, my primary responsibility was to maintain the course and ensure the IT department’s functions and purposes were aligned with the business goals of my employer. I planned, developed and implemented MIS-related activities, including staff hiring as well as acquisition of technology related resources. I provided administrative directions and support to various department managers for any technology related activities. Having a plan, keeping focused and being proactive are the essentials I adhered to managing my department.  As the agent of change, it was my responsibility to explore new technologies (for my employer) as a tool to enhance productivity qualitatively and quantitatively.

Assistant Director, MIS (Management Information System) 1980-1984:

During this time, my responsibility was to manage the daily operation of the Northern California IT dept. In addition to providing support to various departments, my duties included assisting my software developers in the design, testing and implementation of various in-house applications. To alleviate intangibles, I implemented a “man hour project tracking spreadsheet” for all projects big and small. It wasn’t a popular decision but it surely eliminated a lot of time-consuming redundancies.

Operations Manager (IBM System 32 – HP 3000 Series 68), MIS 1975-1980:

In this position, my department was responsible for computer up-time, ensuring the company’s entire computer system and data communications network were operating smoothly and configured to provide optimum performance. In addition, my responsibilities included ensuring hardware (HP3000 & IBM System 32/36) preventive maintenance, updates to the operating system and application programs, setting/maintaining peripheral(s) configurations and periodically testing contingency procedures for implementation during a catastrophe.

Data Processing/Computer Operations (IBM System 32)1972-1975:

My department was responsible for ensuring “prompt” processing (data entry) of manifests information (Bill of Ladings) relevant for the release (by U.S. Customs) and delivery of imported goods & bulk cargoes to its consignees. In addition, my department also provided messenger services for picking up payroll and inter-office mail between offices in San Francisco and the Port of Oakland Container/Cargo Terminals.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: As an insurance broker my agency has consistently maintained profitability year in and year out. My agency prides itself of honesty, top-notch customer service and stand by the “Golden Rule” credo. My agency has consistently maintained one of the highest retention (client loyalty) in the district.

As for my experience in IT, the highlight was definitely the role I played (assisting in various capacities) in the study conducted by the Maritime Administration (MarAd) leading to the design, development, testing and the successful implementation of a Marine Terminal Automated Management System (MTAMS): An on-line, real-time application program, tracking (the movement of) containerized cargoes from the time it is discharged from (or loaded) to a ship in route to its consignee. The application system enhanced and facilitated data collection by the ILWU (International Longshoremen’s Workers Union) employees by reducing paperwork and elimination of time-consuming redundancies while maintaining data qualitatively and quantitatively. The system was initially installed at the 7th Street Container Terminal at the Port of Oakland. The successful implementation resulted with the installation of the system at other sites at the Port of Oakland, Los Angeles and Long Beach. The success of the system attracted interest from other terminal operators (e.g., Port of Tacoma, Stevedoring Services of America, Mass Port, etc.) resulting in the acquisition of the source code from the Maritime Administration. The interests in the MTAMS system resulted in my department providing consultation services (i.e., providing direction, setting up turn-key systems, programming support, enhancements & user-training). The revenue generated from the latter was then used to subsidize expenses incurred by my department (MIS/IT).


Windows7; Windows Live; Cloud Computing (iCloud & SkyDrive); WordPress CMS 3.8; MS-Word; MS-Excel; MS-Publisher; MS-Works; Outlook; Mail-Merge; Data Base Management; Powerpoint; Vimeo; Picasa; some html and css; setting up LAN/WAN data-communication devices (install/troubleshoot modems, multiplexers, routers); computer operation of business-class mini-computers such as the HP 3000 Series & IBM System 32/36; accounts payable/receivable data entry; import/export cargo book processing (bill of lading/booking numbers); proficient with numeric keys; tune/maintain/diagnose desktop, laptop, iPAD;… build a website…

REFERENCES (Telephone Numbers Will Be Provided Upon Request):

Mr. John Vicini: Owner, Spices & Blends – California 

Mr. William Hartman: Owner, Salt Unlimited – California

Mr. Theron Blossom: President, Access Security/ABB Enterprise – California

Mr. Al Bustamantes: Sales Manager, Integrated Technology – California

Mr. John Sullivan: President, Majestic Insurance Company – California

Mr. Ray Dayleg: Manager, U-Haul Moving & Storage – California

Mr. Carlos Colon: Independent Contractor – California

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