My Two Cents

How times have truly changed. I think listening to music, especially the oldies, more often than not brings back memories to a lot of people, to me anyway. Where am I going with this? Just observing today’s generation (to be continued)…

There is absolutely nothing wrong with helping people, specifically, people from other countries who are in need. It is without question the right thing to do. But what’s bothersome is the way our law makers prioritize who gets the help first. How can we not put our own citizens first and foremost? There are countless poverty-stricken and deserving American families still struggling to survive and in dire need of assistance… They should be the number one priority when it comes to assisting the needy with American taxpayers dollars. Adding to the already burgeoning predicament are:opinion

  • The millions of American workers affected by the recent economic melt-down who have NOT recovered from loosing their jobs.
  • Plus the myriad victims (of corporate callousness) whose life-time savings and retirement funds have been siphoned by greedy corporate executives.
  • And the needy families of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war.  

More than anything, every one of the aforementioned deserves to stand in front of the line, they must be the focal point of any assistance that involves American tax-payers dollars… Everyone else should stand second. I’m NOT saying not to help anyone but our citizens, I’m saying WE MUST HELP OUR OWN FIRST. Also, it is truly troubling to see that the once mighty American Middle-Class is loosing its grip. And continuing with the trend will only result in increasing hardship for many that will eventually hurt all of us in more ways than one. More and more American families, especially children who are living in extreme poverty experiencing hunger daily and going to bed hungry, skeptical? Click_Here-003 and see for yourself. Who would’ve thought hunger will be a problem here in the USA? Check this out Click_Here-004. Get involved, it’s the right thing to do.

Both parties claim the nation does NOT have the funds to do anything, but recently the President requested “billions” of dollars in aid which congress approved.  The aid is assistance for the recent mass immigration problem involving “parents” from South America sending their children “unaccompanied” to cross the border. First off, not only is putting ones kids in harms-way ill-advised, it’s truly irresponsible. Also, it feels like the American generosity is being taken advantage of. Wherever the funds came from, most of it should instead be used to help our citizens first, especially the children. They should not go through the anguish of going to bed hungry nor wake up in the morning and go to school with an empty stomach. How can our law makers justify spending the “billions” of American taxpayers dollars to aid someone else when we have the continuing dilemma of millions of struggling American citizens needing help yesterday?  It just does NOT make sense. 

faultStill not convinced? Please click on the blue arrow. Americans take pride on being one of the most generous people in the world, but the fact that charitable contributions are down and food banks inventory depleted, is a sign of hard times for a lot us. Hence making it even crucial for our law makers to assists our own (Americans) first, and then (help) others.

How about the welfare system? Well, it badly needs over-hauling (loopholes and out-dated regulations are either exploited or taken advantage of). It is time for major changes and we should start with the politicians we elected in office. We must sternly hold them accountable for their ACTIONS AND INACTION, specially the career politicians undeserving of the status quo. Vote for a candidate who can truly lead and deliver, NOT based on party affiliation, popularity or because they sound good, action speaks louder than words. Make your vote count, positively.  Elect the candidate (regardless of party affiliation) who is truly the right person for the job, someone who will truly push what the majority of people want. Aren’t you tired of the blame game? Instead of getting things done, our politicians spend more time pointing fingers and blaming each other. Let’s do the right thing by placing truly the right person for the job… Just my .02¢.

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