San Francisco 49ers:


Niners15-001Forty Niners management finally reached the tipping point with Aldon Smith. And as much as I hate to see them severe their relationship with Aldon, I believe it is the right thing to do and will be the best thing for the man.  He needs immediate help, like NOW!, before everything else gets worst.  He is a ticking bomb about to explode.  The man is on the path of self-destruction and he needs hand holding until he is out of the woods. Conquering whatever it is he’s going thru will take time and cutting the ties with him for now will definitely do him more good than not.  It looks like his problem is deeper than just alcohol. 04/17/2014

First of all, I hope Navorro Bowman will come out of the injury situation stronger than ever. I just hope the injury he sustained will not be career threatening.  His performance this year definitely warrants another all-pro recognition.  The man is just a beast in his position.  Secondly, the NFL must make amends concerning questionable calls.  The three bad calls against our Niners I am sure will be reviewed by the NFL.  It must be addressed ASAP so that the outcome NFL: St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers of future games, especially during the playoffs will be based on team performance not as a result of bad calls by the referees. The refs erred not once, not twice but three times, and that is one too many. But looking back, it is obvious that circumstance dictated the outcome.  What I mean by that is, it was faith that the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl (instead of the Niners).  Check this out, had Seattle not call the time-out (due to the play clock about to expire) they would have gone ahead and kicked a field goal (as oppose to going for the fourth down) to tie the score.  Kicking a field goal and tying the score would have definitely changed the outcome of the game. All Kaepernick had to do was move the ball within range to kick a field goal to win the game. That would’ve been less risky compared with going for a touchdown.  With the Seahawks calling the time-out, it gave the coach time to ponder his move, and instead of going for the field goal he decided to go for the fourth down which yielded a touchdown hence the lead instead of a tie score. What took place looked like faith to me (Seahawks), just my opinion.  As for the game itself, I think overall it turned out the way it was hyped.  It was a tough game that neither team dominated. The one with the least turn-overs won and that is the Seahawks, congratulations to them.  Let’s do it again next season Niners!!! Until then, you all have a wonderful and prosperous 2014.  Be safe, and 3G’s to all (i.e., Good Luck, Good Health and God Bless!!!).  Over and out. 01/19/2014

The confident but poised Niners prevailed against a strong determined Panthers team. The two Niners1 impressive goal stand was definitely the statement of that game.  It was also specially sweet since Cam Newton was the reason to go for one of the fourth down plays convincing his coach that he can get a touchdown. Our defense of course stepped up to the challenge & performed brilliantly. The offense was as intense, they kept pounding and did not let-up. They kept the pressure and just stepped on the pedal to the metal.

Now, the long time anticipated rematch between two of the NFL’s elite teams and one of its heated  rivalries will finally take place and once and for all settle which team will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.  Coming off two wins against two potent opponents (the Packers and Panthers) on the road, I have to give our Niners a “little” edge in this.  And if they can maintain the same demeanor they showed in those two hard-fought games, the chances of pulling off an upset in Seattle is definitely a possibility.  LET’S GO NINERS!!!  ALL THE WAY!!! 01/13/2014

Wow! That was too close for comfort.  Winning just by three points (23 – 20) against the Packers with Rodgers on the helm was cutting it too close, but a win is a win.  Kudos to everyone specially the defense for playing tough, specifically on third downs… Good job! Now we continue the trek and the next stop is Charlotte, NC the home of the Panthers.  As usual this game will be about the defense.  If they can contain Can Newton in the pocket to restrict him from running around and making plays, the chances of the Niners winning the game is better than not.  LET’S DO IT AGAIN NINERS!!! 01/05/2014

Well, it is now or wait again next year, “maybe”.  As always defense will be key in the game.  If  they (defense) do not bring their A+ game in tomorrow’s (Jan. 5th) playoff game against the Green Bay Packers (in a very adverse environment -5° Fahrenheit is predicted excluding windchill factor), the chance of upsetting the mighty SF Forty Niners is possible.  Otherwise, if they maintain their potent defensive stance and are mentally prepared for that dreadful weather then the march to Rutherford, New Jersey for the Super Bowl continues.  The defense is more than capable of containing Aaron Rodgers, but the weather condition changes the dynamics of the game.  Imagine both the defense and offense standing in the huddle with the temperature around them at -5° degrees and when you factor in windchill effect it’ll be -25° degrees Fahrenheit… Wow!!! That is super cold penetrating their helmet, uniform, shoes, their skin and down to their bone… That is excruciatingly unbearable.  It will be survival of the fittest people!!! LET’S GO NINERS!!! All the way!  01/04/2014

The win against the Rams (23-13) was pretty convincing.  The upcoming game against the Seahawks will be a “preview” of the playoffs.  And since it’s a home game for the Niners, and their defense is as potent as ever, they should win it this Sunday.  Due to injuries, Aldon&Justin_Smith the situation with the offensive line is a foregone conclusion. The concern is will the substitute players step-up to the plate and perform effectively.  Otherwise if they don’t, it’ll be a short season for everyone involved. It’s now or try again next year and hope for the best. This year’s best team in the league no doubt are the Seahawks. However our Niners are very much rated as one of the top defenses in the league (some arguably considers them the best), therefore that match-up should be even.  I have a feeling “The Smith Brothers” are going to be more productive and will attempt to coral Wilson, we’ll see.  It will be up to the Kaeper and the offense to make up the difference, reward the defense and give the fans a nice Christmas present. They cannot let the Seahawks offense play like they did against the Saints.  LET’S GO NINERS! 12/03/2013

First of all, the “bad” penalty call against Brooks is what cost the Niners the game. More importantly, as usual our passing game sucks big time.  There is no way we can expect to have a winning season being rated last in passing.  The last time the Kaeper had a decent passing game was the first game against the Packers, that was ten (10) games ago, back in September 8th, 2013… And the Kaeper continues to spiral down in his performance.  His total passing yards against the Saints is a mere 127 yards.  That’s an average of a little over 38 yards per quarter.  Without a passing game, there is no threat and it puts more pressure on Gore and the defense.  Even a wildcard spot is starting to look impossible, I hope I am proven wrong. 11/17/2013

It’s not looking good people!  This season’s team is not the same dominating team compared to last year.  Too many mistakes on both sides of the ball and the Kaeper is not only not on target but was also intercepted numerous times.  The last two games brought me back to the Nolan/Singletary era.  Once again the opposing team, in this case Andrew Luck and the Colts dominated our Niners both on offense and defense.  And to make matters worst, key players are getting hurt or in Aldon Smith’s case, hurting the team.  The next game against the Rams is a wake up call, it’s swim or sink.  Loosing that game will definitely put them in a very deep hole, hence it’s a must win game no question.

What happened? They played awful, period!  I’m not going around circles analyzing what went wrong.  The bottom line is, at least for now, the Seahawks are the Forty-Niner’s “Evander Holyfield”… They own the Niners just like Holyfield owned Mike Tyson in the ring.  BUT, does that mean they’re over-hyped?  NO, not yet anyway.  It just means that Coach H and company have to admit to the fact that the Seahawks is the better team.  They just know which buttons to push and proved it with two convincing wins in a row against the Niners.  The next six (6) games will be crucial for the latter.  It will be the measuring stick in determining their true character.  Are they part of the elite or delete? Which one are they?  The one that beat the Packers or the one that got schooled by the Seahawks?  I look forward in seeing Kaepernick minus one eye-brow hoping it’ll be an incentive for him and the team to do a better job next time.  I just hope they’re not getting cocky due to all the accolades the team is receiving. (09/16/2013)

The hype was legitimate but more importantly, the Kaeper showed how well-rounded of a quarterback he is.  The Packers succeeded at limiting Gore, Niners14-001but they were unsuccessful at defending the “Kap’s-Scud”… he just unleashed his missiles.  I heard Green Bay for most of their training camp practiced how to defend the read-option play, but unfortunately for them they thought wrong. The Kaeper have too many weapons in his arsenal, he’s just too versatile. And for #52 of the Packers, let this be lesson learnt, don’t say anything if you can’t carry it out… just like the adage states, action speaks louder than words… go home and zip it.  And how about Boldin?  If he maintains the same quality performance, can you imagine the power of having him, Crabtree and Manningham in a line-up?  So far, so good… we’ll see what happens in their next game against a formidable (we shall see) opponent, the Seattle Seahawks. (09/09/2013)   

I can’t wait any longer for the regular season to start, Niners are looking really good.  One more week of anxiety, it’s driving me nuts!  This year went a little faster than expected just because of the excitement the other bay area team, the amazing Golden State Warriors gave us loyal fans.  This year’s amazing journey to the playoffs is one I’ll remember for a long time.  And then this upcoming season is another one that a lot of the diehards can’t wait to see just because it will definitely create more excitement just because Warriors management pulled off another hocus focus… a lot of positive moves.  Hence, the fans expectations, especially the die-hard ones are short of expecting a championship win.  So many good things going on that sometimes one can’t help think it is too good to be true… I’m not complaining, it is what it is.  Who would have thought that as good as it already is, that we could also be in the verge of another historical moment by having (even if just for a short-time) the first brothers in Warriors history as teammates, Steph and Seth Curry… WOW!  Just a good time to be a sports fan in the SF Bay Area.  OK, back to the Niners!  And for me, this will be the season of truth… can’t wait.

What the Kaeper said about Alex (before Friday’s pre-season game against the Chiefs): Niners13-001He did a lot for me, Alex was someone who really helped me pick up the playbook, understand what we were trying to get done and how we wanted to do it.  I would not be as far along as I am right now without him.  Personally, he is a great guy, he is class act.  I have nothing bad to say about him.  He has always helped, he has always put the team first”.  I guess that pretty much says it all about him as a teammate.  In today’s society, especially in professional sports where it seems the mentality is “it is all about ME”, Alex is the opposite of the latter, he is the paradigm future athletes should emulate.  I wonder what the AAS brigade have to say about that?  Can you handle the truth?  GO NINERS!!!

I recently read an article stating that 49ers Vernon Davis Vernon Daviswas spotted in practice catching football lined up as a wide-receiver.  Well, that’s good news and bad.  Bad news because it means Coach H is not feeling confident with the team’s remaining wide-outs.  Good because it’ll give the offense more flexibility… new look.  The other good news is, even with Crabtree’s absence, I think the 49ers will persevere as a team and will still perform as one of the league’s top teams this season.  If the Kaeper performs the same way like he did last year, and come in this season with a better understanding of how to read what the defense is doing, then I wouldn’t worry too much, they’ll be just fine.  Someone will definitely step up to fill the hole.  Besides, we have more than capable running-backs and receivers to make up for the loss of scoring from Crabtree.  In addition to A.J. Jenkins who will probably receive most of Crabtree’s minutes, Mario Manningham I’m sure will be healthy enough to play and contribute.  Anquan Boldin acquired from the Ravens I’m sure will be ready in opening day. And just like A.J. Jenkins (who had that huge drop in the Super Bowl), Kyle Williams  will get a chance to redeem himself as well (from those two fumbles against the Giants which still lingers to this day).  Both will have more minutes and will be playing with a chip on their shoulder.  That means both players are coming back with personal incentives, and that is a big plus… they have to settle a personal challenge from within themselves.

When I heard about the Tim Tebow signing, I wondered why in the world would the Patriots have interest on him, especially after Coach Belichick quoted by Yahoo (after being asked if he would be interested in signing Tebow the free-agent) saying he hates Tebow as a player. Then yesterday (06/26/2013), something dawned on me after hearing the news about Aaron Hernandez’s arrest, NinersTebowBrady so I called my son to tell him what I was thinking.  I asked him if he heard of the Tebow signing with the Patriots. He said, “Who cares about Tebow, let’s talk about the Warriors dad!” LaughingAnyway, the news of the arrest made me realize that the signing of Tebow (probably pushed by former Broncos & Tebow head coach Josh Mcdaniels) is definitely a contingency move to compensate for the loss of Aaron Hernandez, the All-pro tight-end for the Patriots arrested for allegedly masterminding the murder of his girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend.  A sad, sad story indeed for everyone involved, especially for the family of the murdered victim.  Furthermore, Hernandez is now being investigated for a possible involvement in a drive-by shooting that occurred in 2012 killing two people in a BMW after leaving a bar in Boston. It’s the latter the investigators believe that led to Odin Lloyd’s demise, his knowledge of something that pertains to last year’s incident.

If the allegations are true, then what was All-Pro Aaron Hernandez thinking? Murdering someone because you felt disrespected?  Wow! Sounds like the Godfather, that is wicked!  But, murder is wrong no matter what the circumstances are.  You can’t rationalize it and there’s no justification whatsoever.  If not for the many incriminating evidence against him, for some reason or another, it seems Niners_PatriotsPicHernandez really thought he was going to get away with the murder of Odin Lloyd.  A person who lost his life because you felt disrespected???  It’s senseless, heartless, stupid, dumb, callous and definitely criminal.  We have an angry man with a big pride who couldn’t let go and took a life like it was nothing.  His troubled past is now starting to surface on the web and we’re all getting to know him.  It’s looking like he’s had problem controlling his emotions.  There is one report explaining why he slipped in the first round of the NFL draft, why he waited until the fourth round to be drafted (even though his performances in college and high school were exceptionally stellar warranting a first round selection).  The report states that NFL teams like the Bengals, stayed away from drafting Hernandez due to some character issues and because of gang affiliation. There’s even a picture of him on the web posing showing the gang signs.  You’d think change in his life was in order after being drafted.  He could have left that dark part of his life for good and took advantage of the second chance given him to make things right. He could’ve used his influence to make a positive contribution to the community, to make a difference in people’s lives.  Become a genuine role model to the young and give hope to his people.  NCAA Football: Florida at South CarolinaInstead he chose unrighteousness, he chose to hold on to the dark side.  He executed a friend and he didn’t care about the people he hurt. I don’t think he even knew or realized that he was on top of the world, that he was in control (of his life), high on the hog, and all he had to do was something simple like stay out of trouble, but he chose otherwise.  It will never make sense, I just do not get it.  It is not like he grew up in a dysfunctional household (even that is not an excuse to murder) or raised with no father figure.  His parents (both are educated), were there supporting him, up until the age of seventeen (17) when his dad died from complications during surgery.  Accordingly, he blamed his family for the loss.  But the loss of his dad does not excuse his stupidity, misconduct, and the Niners_Tebow_Hernandez-001heinous crime he committed.  Those were choices he made on his own.  He’s a grown man who knows right from wrong.  He knows everyone is accountable for their actions, just like he is and have to face the consequences of their actions, just like he is.  But his arrogance, humongous ego I bet, clouded his judgment which resulted in total disrespect for life.  Sadly, another lost misguided athlete to fall from grace, who could’ve sat on top of the world, instead could end up spending the rest of his life in prison.  He can keep pounding his head on concrete to undo what he’s done, but there’s no undoing it and for him (unless he’s found innocent), it’s too little too late.  It’s a sad situation all around and I hope the Aaron Hernandez story will soon be a part of rookie orientation in all of sports… Hey Rookie! Watch out, this can happen to you.  Think it over before you act, don’t do something stupid you will regret while in prison for life.

As for Tim Tebow (who played LB & TE in his first year playing high school football) I have a feeling he’ll only get better now that he is with the Patriots. One thing his critics are forgetting is the fact he signed up with the Pats knowing “full well” that he at the least is a third string QB.  That translatesNiners_Tebow_PatsPractice-001 to less pressure on him, he accepted his role as the third in line.  Meanwhile, it’ll be a relaxing and productive season for him as he learns from one of the best QB that have played the game, our guy from the Peninsula… Tom Brady, and one of the best minds in football in Coach Belichick. So if Tim remains patient, just keep learning and soak what he can from one of the masters of the game (remember he’s only been in the league for three years), down the road I feel he’ll prove a lot of his detractors and coaches alike wrong.  This is a new beginning for him and this one definitely feels right… just because as long as Tom Brady is around there will be no such a thing as a QB controversy, it’s simple as that.  And in Tim’s defense, regardless of how you feel about him and how he plays the game, you cannot take away the fact he is the one that led the Broncos to the playoffs in 2011 (there were mistakes made in that game but it’s definitely not all on him, it was collective).  And now with Tom Brady’s mentoring, Tim is once again in a win/win situation and will come out of this smelling like a Rose.  It will be another one of those feel good stories like the Alex Smith’s, Stephen Curry’s, Jeremy Lin’s just to name a few, and a lot of the D-Leaguers who are now bona fide NBA players… persistence and one someone who’ll listen (and give someone a chance) is all it takes… it can be a recipe for success.

Congratulations to Alex Smith!!!  for landing the Niners9starting QB position with the Kansas City Chiefs.  He earned it and I am sure Mr. Fortitude will continue to excel at his position and be successful with the Chiefs for years to come.  Good move Coach Reid!!!  Kudos to the Chief’s fans, our loss your gain.  Number 11 will keep moving forward and will continue to prove his AAS detractors wrong.  And watch out Broncos!!! there’s a new sheriff in your division and his mission is to rule the AFC West Cool.

The feeling of disappointment after losing to the Ravens in Super Bowl 47 will linger for a while (at least until the beginning of the 2013 season), and hurt just as bad like the previous year’s lost to the New York Giants,  maybe even more.  In all seriousness,  Niners8-001coming back in the 3rd quarter after being behind by 22 points was just an unbelievable performance (engineered by Colin Kaepernick, a second year QB with no Super Bowl experience).  It would have set a record for the greatest comeback ever in NFL history by a team to win a Super Bowl game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. The amazing feat by the amazing 49ers fell short after three attempts at the Raven’s five yard line to get a touchdown… only to lose the game by three (3) points, what a let down.  It was a numbing moment to say the least.  And why a running play was not called at least once, was pretty unusual.  After getting the first down and had Kaepernick not commit a penalty for a “Delay Of Game”, the preceding play was obviously a run of some kind to the left.  The second down play was an incomplete pass to Crabtree.  You’d assume the third down play would be a run, unfortunately it was followed by another incomplete pass to Crabtree.  And sadly the fourth down play was the same, an incomplete pass.  It was a crushing defeat and the end of the quest for sixth soon became a reality for the 2012 season.  For whatever it’s worth, the penalty presented a situation to at least call for one running play, if not two, for one of the next three downs… but for some reason, the coaches mindset were stuck in passing mode which were successfully defended three times by the Ravens, who truly deserved the win.  Final Score: Ravens 34  –  49ers 31.

49ers is not the best team… just yet.  And Seattle made sure of proving it.  Just like the Niners are, the Seahawks are for real as well.  And being one of the young teams in the NFL, they will definitely be around Niners7-001for sometime to contend in the Western Division just like the 49ers will.  The rivalry between the two teams is genuine and it extends to the two head coaches that go back in their  tenure as head coaches in college, USC and Stanford.  Not sure if it’s just my imagination, but I feel the animosity between the two is personal.

Wow! For a moment there, I really thought Tom Brady was going to engineer another one of those epic comebacks.  For whatever reason, the 49ers just could not stop the big plays.  And, I just don’t understand the credence for easing up (most teams) when having a commanding lead, instead of making more plays to put the game away (it’s done in basketball, baseball, etc. they just keep scoring until the game is over).  Why give the opposing team hope and a chance for a comeback?  Why relax?  Gotta have the killer instinct baby!

Are the Rams better than the 49ers?  This season (2012), they definitely are.  They just had the answer for most of the offensive schemes the Niners bombarded them with… our Red and Gold just got beat with the Niners_Ramsplay-calling.  The Rams were the better team in both games, they just knew the right buttons to push, especially on defense.  After beating the Saints convincingly (in New Orleans), you’d think our 49ers would be ready for the second game against the Rams and get the win, especially after having played two overtime.  Well, it didn’t happen, the Rams were just as determined like the Seahawks to make a point.  The second game was like a statement to prove that the first game against the Niners (which ended up in a tie) was not a fluke… and that they are in it to win it.  That is how competitive the NFC west is.  We’ll see in the 2013 season if our 49ers learned something from the previous two games against the Rams.

What’s going on 49ers Nation?  We are in it to win it!!! Confident and so far, so good people.  The Kaeper is just amazing, it’s like watching a gazelle with the speed of a cheetah, if that makes any sense at all.  Niners4Bottom line is, the coach truly knows what he’s doing.  And Alex, the guy is just genuine class act.  He hasn’t rocked the boat nor stir things up.  He just kept his composure, stood in the sidelines and just be a good teammate. Alex is just an amazing person… a true role model kids should emulate.  By the way, it is good to hear Kaepernick acknowledge Alex for all the help he gave him from the time he was drafted.  In one of the interviews, he told a reporter “I won’t be where I’m at now without Alex’s help, he helped me out tremendously”, and Coach H stating “Alex is coaching Colin more than I have lately”, is an example of how Alex is as a leader on the field and off the field as a teammate/mentor.  Let’s be real here, I am sure Alex is burning super hot inside (understandably so, helping the person who took over your job?… c’mon!).  But he’s been around long enough to know that in this particular situation realizing he does not have any control of anyway, any negativity on his part will be seen as detrimental to the team’s success.  It’ll be more advantageous for him to just go along with the flow and just look forward to the 2013 season.  A year in which a number of teams are very much  in the market for a quality quarterback (which the upcoming draft does not seem to have).  So he is definitely playing his cards right.  I am sure he realizes that he will start for someone and it’s just a matter of time… patience is a virtue.  It’s not the end for him, quite the contrary, it’ll be a start of a new beginning.  Things happen for a reason?

The word is out and Coach Harbaugh has spoken.  His decision is for Kaepernick to remain as the starting QB for the remainder of the Niners3season.  I don’t agree with the decision and there are plenty of legitimate reasons why Alex Smith should not lose his job as the starter, but as much as I disagree with the coach’s decision, it is incumbent upon me, us, as true fans, to support what he has decided upon.  I am sure many pro-Alex fans feel the way I do. They all feel it’s not the right thing to do, but this is not about right or wrong.  This is about who the coach “feels” will give the team that extra boost to get to their destination, the Super Bowl.  I can argue and I truly believe that we can attain those goals with Alex in the middle (his numbers don’t lie), but that is besides the point.  What is important now is to support and not second-guess the coach’s decision-making.  Besides his numbers don’t lie as well and as much as I feel bad for Alex “Mr. Fortitude”, it is what it is.  It stinks, but it is the nature of the business. Let’s just hope management will make amends and do Alex right.  Do the right thing by letting him go so he can start fresh with a new team.  Hopefully it is not with the Arizona Cardinals.  Although, if we have to lose, it won’t hurt as much if we lose a game to Alex.

Very impressive performance by Kaepernick in games against the Bears and Saints.  First of all, the future is bright for the Niners Nation.  The QB position is in good hands now and in the immediate future.  I hate to say this, but I think a Alex&Colinquarterback controversy is lurking.  Coach Harbaugh will have to make a call about who will remain starting QB.  And it will probably be one of the toughest decision he’ll ever make.  Because either way he goes, it will make one unhappy.  A good problem to have for the Forty Niners but a bad situation for those concerned, Alex and Colin.  I just hope bad blood will not develop between the two.  Alex being a class-act person that he is, I think wisdom will prevail.  Also, I think this will divide the fans momentarily.  There will be finger-pointing but in the long run, things will be okay and the Niners Nation will rise up and rule for years to come… yeah!

Wow! I hope Alex is okay.  That hit didn’t look good at all, it was vicious! And based on experience and what we know about #11, how competitive he is, I just hope Alex is smarter this time to take a week off and not play the game against Chicago.  Concussion is serious and not something anyone can take for granted.  It shortened Steve Young’s playing career.  So let’s hope Alex will adhere to the team doctor’s advise and sit next week’s game against the Bears.  Even though the result was disappointing (a tie with the Rams), Kaepernick looked good.  The up-coming game against the Saints will be a big test for the Kaeper. Let’s go 49ers baby!!! SUPER BOWL here we come!

Hello there Niners Nation!! It’s been a while.  Well, we are in the 8th week of football season and our red and gold are 6-2.  There’s really not much to say but this result is what is expected, overall if I have to rate it 1-5, and five (5) being the highest, I’d say the Niners are a four (4) for now.  Niners1Who know, maybe after the Bye week, they’ll be a five (5), we’ll see.  Alex Smith is just chugging along, picked up where he left off in 2011 and continues to excel in his position.  But those two fumbles are still nagging the hell out of me… that Superbowl was ours, oh well… but I have forgiven… it’s the right thing to do.

Well Niner fans, Big Smile the regular season starts Sept. 9th, 2012 (my daughter’s birthday by the way).  Unfortunately there are some of you who still believes Alex should NOT be the starting QB.  Let me remind the Niner’s Nation of one thing.  Do not forget that it was Coach Harbaugh who decided to have Alex remain as the starting QB (obviously no opposition from the York’s). I’m not about to second-guess a successful coach with his decision-making, especially in the QB position. But there seems to be a number here and there who seem to think that they know better than the coach and still believe that he (Harbaugh) made the wrong decision in choosing Alex to be the starter. Well, let’s see, Coach H’s decision produced a very convincing 13-3 winning season, including five games come from behind rally… a playoff appearance, Coach of the Year honor, and a game away from appearing at another Superbowl (if not for the two, not one, but two Special Team mistakes… I forgave him) and you all are still second-guessing him? Now suddenly you are the experts? WTF… what do you want blood? Hell Boy

Making a play is important. But I would take a game manager any day if it means another winning season, AND having a seasoned quarterback who realized if he cannot make a play, managing the game is less risky than forcing to make a play… consequently yielding a 13-3 season, the turn-around every Niner fan has been waiting for. Yet, some of you are still complaining? Are you AAS people crazy? Also, it is true the defense was a big part of last year’s success, but the offense is as much part of that success for not turning-over the ball as much, especially interceptions.

As far as I’m concerned, if what it’ll take to have another winning season (and no doubt we will) is for Alex to manage the game, so be it!  Let him do what works.  Maybe the so-called experts should add a criteria on their statistics for game-managed.

But really, how can anyone argue with a 13-3 record with Alex in the middle, chosen by the coach of the year to be in that position, whose team was a game away from appearing at another Superbowl (if not for a Special Team mistakes)?  I mean c’mon, it just does not make any sense.  JUST BE GREATFUL AND SUPPORT THE TEAM (I.E., COACHES & PLAYERS).  GO GET YOUR BREW, SSSSH! AND JUST ENJOY THE GAME.

Want something inspirational for the up-coming 2012 season?  Something to pump you up with overflowing excitement you’d like the season to start NOW?  Yeah?  Really?  You sure?  Then watch the inspiring video below about Alex Smith put together by Matt Ware, a long-time, die-hard Forty Niner fan… just like you and me babyy!!!


So far so good!  Every move the Forty Niners made postseason (2012) is indicative of positioning the team for another playoff run this 2012 season. With every player on the defensive side returning, there is no doubt the Niners will be one of the elite teams to reckon with. If they maintain the same discipline like last year, there’s a big chance of going back to the Superbowl once again.  Now that all the defensive players are signed up, it is time to concentrate on their defensive schemes and see if last year’s success can be replicated for this year… I can’t wait!!

With the Manning episode finally over, a lot was being said about the moves made by both parties, I don’t see what the big deal was. That’s part of the business and both did what was expected. In Alex case, he was presented a contract even before the free agency took in effect and he held up signing it… Nothing wrong with that, he was a free agent and was probably testing the market. Just like the amazing Forty Niners were expected to pursue Manning (an elite future hall-of-fame QB) when the opportunity presented itself. It was free agency folks and would have been abnormal if either one just stay put and didn’t do anything.

Well faithful, it is what it is.  We lost because our amazing 49ers beat themselves, not because they got beat.  And let me get this off my chest and let this be a lesson to punt return specialists, “When you decide not to catch the football, PLEASE DISTANCE YOURSELF AWAY FROM IT!!!“… You’re a pro and should know that.  I really feel bad for our defense. They deserve more than any of the other teams defense to be in the Super Bowl.  Showcase to the world that them bunch are probably one of the best ever assembled (probably even better than the Ronnie Lott era). And like I’ve said since September, this roster is for real , they are not a fluke. WE WILL BE BACK !!! See ya next season.

It’s playoff time baby!!! The amazing  49ers (2011 NFC West Division Champs) locked the second seed spot and the much-needed bye week, I can’t help reflect at what the knowledgeable coaching staff of coach Harbaugh did to transform this roster, especially Alex Smith… The Comeback Kid. The difference is night and day. Alex Smith(13-3)… Aaron Rodgers (15-1). And let me state it one more time, this team is built for the playoffs. And if they continue playing the same way, especially the ball-control type offense, I truly believe they will bring home to the SF bay area the Vince Lombardi trophy once again.

And for you doubters and ASS brigade, think about this, had Nolan drafted Rodgers instead of Alex, the results for the first six years would have been similar.  Why? because Nolan and his coaching staff were the problem, they just did not have the smarts to do it then (at least during those loosing seasons).  And putting a QB in the Lion’s den in his rookie season is not a smart move in my opinion.  The lack of experience alone can jeopardize the future because of a possible injury.  Not all rookies have success in their rookie season (Bradshaw completed 38% of his pass in his first year).  To name a few, elite QBs like Montana, Young, Brady, Rodgers, did not start until their 3rd or fourth season in the league.  They were given the time to grow, absorb as much as they can and get the experience.  As for Alex, he just had a string of bad luck from the start.  He had a coach who expected too much from the start, questioned his determination and later followed by the ultimate act of betrayal, threw him under the bus… support was just not there.  And then talking about adding insult to injury and history repeating itself, when Coach Nolan was fired, his replacement was then interim-coach Singletary.  Another guy with no coaching experience (who also threw him under the bus) who was also expecting a miracle from Alex Smith (C’mon Mr. York, with all due respect to both, that was the second blunder your management team made, promoting an unqualified Singletary to become head coach.  HELLO?  DOES ANYONE IN MANAGEMENT KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING?).  The last time I heard Singletary was back to being a line-backers coach, which is good for now because that is where he excels and that is how he’ll get the experience… Just like Alex should have gotten the experience learning from the sidelines but didn’t get the opportunity.  Alex’s lack of success in the first five or so years was the result of management’s failure to provide him competent coaching staff, period.  But see what happens when you have experience coupled with a “qualified” coach who understands mentorship and knows how to bring out the best in a capable player?  Winning seasons!!!  Yes! that’s plural, winning seasons baby!  Mark my words, Alex will only get better from hereon.  With a supporting cast like Coach Harbaugh and staff, one can only imagine how far this team will go… maybe another dynasty in the making?  The possibility is there simply because we have the personnel in both the coaches and the players.  Barring major injuries, the depth alone could produce stars of the future.

I bet now that Alex is 13-3 and one game away from the Super Bowl, the same fans (his detractors and the doubters alike) are on his bandwagon, celebrating, and enjoying the ride. And I bet Alex, being a diplomat that he is, will probably just say something like, “that’s fine, nothing wrong with that, they deserve it”.  The guy exemplifies what an idol should be.

When all is said and done, Alex Smith, Niner QB is evolving as a WINNER like he’s suppose to.  And his name to many fans and peers alike will always be synonymous for what fortitude is all about.  The word “quit” is not in his vocabulary, he just kept coming back up.  Click_Here-003 to listen to what others are saying about the rise of the AMAZING FORTY NINERS !!!

How about the amazing Forty Niners !!! (September 9, 2011) Four words come to mind, THEY ARE FOR REAL! What can I say, they are an awesome team with high-caliber players. They are focused, playing top-notch football, AND led by a first-class coach. Which goes to show everyone that understanding the X’s and the O’s is not enough to lead (to be head coach), one must be creative and aggressive as well. The Head Coach must not only have a good understanding of the game but also have a feel for the positions, especially the QB position. You got to have someone who is knowledgeable, proactive and effective.

If this AWESOME ROSTER maintains the discipline instilled by Coach H and continue to believe what the coach is preaching (that it’s all about the team), it’s not unrealistic to foresee winning seasons hereon. This could be the turn-around everyone is waiting for.


After watching the MNF game between the Niners & Steelers, I am convinced the former is a team to be reckoned with. None of the top contenders have seen defense like the Niners. San Francisco is a team built for the playoffs. The defense is solid like steel, a formidable bunch of toughies, “Patrick Willis and The Shock and Awe Gang”. The secondary is also “becoming” more of a physical group of defenders inflicting punishing blows to the wide receivers (shows flashes of the Ronnie Lott, Dwight Hicks and the Hot Licks era). The offense is like a train, Alex the operator and Gore the locomotive. If the offensive line protects Alex the way they did against the Steelers, there is no doubt in my mind that they will go all the way to the Super Bowl… and take it all. The two losses (Baltimore & Arizona) were the result of poor protection by the offensive line… something like 16 sacks combined? So, if they can protect, we can collect… it’s simple as that. The “Architect” definitely knows what he’s doing… he talks the talk and walks the walk. “Could” we be seeing another Niners dynasty in the making?

The game against the New Orleans Saints defined what this 2011 Forty Niners roster is all about. They are a complete team now and will be hard to beat.

Alex Smith
Mr. “Fortitude”…

And how about ALEX SMITH? Talking about silencing his detractors, he must be saying “talk to the hand man”. They said he’s no good, he’s a joke, a big bust, a looser, and he should get the boot. Nolan questioned his toughness, Singletary ridiculed him publicly, and both threw him under the bus. “They” even questioned Coach Harbaugh’s decision for asking him to stay and says the coach is out of his mind. But despite being in an adverse environment and the odds were stacked against him, Alex did not quit and instead gave coach H the benefit of the doubt. He swallowed his pride and remained a Forty Niner. Talking about fortitude, wow!




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