Golden State Warriors:

The winning seasons we Dubs fans have enjoyed lately are very much attributed to the changing of the guard. The new head honcho(s) of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors organization are unquestionably experienced in running an NBA team. This regime is without doubt in tuned with what’s going on in the league, and is definitely unafraid to make tough decisions. Including unpopular ones like trading the then fan favorite Monta Ellis for big man Andrew Bogut (a genuine double/double center plagued by injuries but have shown exceptional skills when healthy). Mr. Joe Lacob & Mr. Peter Guber are definitely men of action.  And so far they’ve been right-on with their decision-making. The acquisition of Andre Iguodala, probably one of the best defensive minded power forward in the league, is one more proof of their determination to make the team better.

What Joe Lacob & Co. have accomplished Warriors-065 in such a short period is truly a remarkable feat. It reminded me of the early eighties, the decade in which the San Francisco 49ers went through their transformation and ultimately created a dynasty. That was the time when a Mr.  Ed Debartolo took over ownership of the team paving the way to greatness that resulted in winning five (5) Super Bowl championships. The new owners of the Warriors behind the leadership of Joe Lacob (with similar management style like Mr. Debartolo) appears to be heading in the same path. Their actions so far clearly show determination to turn things around and provide the fans with a high-caliber team. To do whatever it takes to elevate the Amazing Warriors to elite level. They’re definitely headed in the right direction and it’s about time fans, FINALLY!!! Comparing the new owners with the previous one (Cohan) is totally night and day. They’re obviously hands-on, knowledgeable and aggressive. They let their actions do all the talking and so far have made the right moves. It’s apparent that both are sports savvy and seem to have chosen and placed the right personnel in the right positions. Their actions so far are indicative of their vision to really make the Warriors a genuine contender , NOT in the foreseeable future but Warriors-066 RIGHT NOW, TODAY!!! Like me, I’m sure fans, especially those who have waited decades (to finally experience having a winning team) are very much appreciative with their winning mentality. It’s been a while having someone in the Warriors organization who truly cares, knows how to lead and knows what it takes to win. Our team finally have a legitimate shot at contending, and once and for all we fans have something good to look forward to for years to come. 10/31/2013

From a management perspective, the team is definitely in good hands (top bottom) and one cannot ask for anything better than what they have in place right now… From the new owners, new coaches and the players (compared to the We Believe era), everyone seems to be in sync. And as long as the team play collectively, maintain harmony and keep believing that the best offense is a good defense, the future is bright for years to come. Someone from the Associated Press described this particular roster as “a dominant defensive team disguised as an offensive juggernaut”… GO WARRIORS!  YOUR TIME IS NOW! 11/19/2013

Ok!! so let’s talk about the”DUBS”… 

Another history making performance, 24-1!!! The amazing Golden State Warriors accomplished another feat of historical proportion, as the only team with the best regular season start in NBA history. Hahaha! Take that Bucks fans!!!  I just figured the best way to counter Milwaukee fans antagonism (24-1) is to counter it with genuine positivity. I haven’t been here for a while, at least since the amazing Dubs won the championship. I was going to (during the streak) but the superstitious in me prevailed as it kept whispering (if I did) that I might cost the Dubs the streak. Well it’s over now and 24-1 is just amazingly phenomenal. No NBA team can claim the best regular season start ever (in NBA history) but the genuine super elite Golden State Warriors (baraboomboom!! take that Bucks fans!). Let’s hope a lesson learned (with this game against the Bucks) that their best offense is their tenacious defense. 12/14/2015 

Mission Accomplished!!! Golden State Warriors are the 2014-2015 NBA World Champions!!! Congratulations to the best fans in the world!!! Warriors-078_2015_ChampsOur amazing Warriors finally achieved in capturing the ultimate NBA reward. What they have accomplished this season will definitely have historic significance. Every record this team have set this season (individually and as a team), specifically this season’s high of 83 total wins (third highest ever), will conceivably make this particular roster  go down in history as one of the best teams ever in the NBA. This group of talented and truly unselfish players have raised the bar to the next level and are uniquely special. And without a doubt worthy of not only being the world champions but also as role models. And as the reigning champs, they have proven once and for all that they, the amazing Golden State Warriors are genuine and definitely someone to be reckoned with for years to come. Unquestionably they also have established themselves as the NBA’s first “Super-Elite Team“.  These “Golden Boys” are definitely pioneers of the NEW NBA. They’ll forever be referred to as “the team” who changed how the game is played from hereon… That’s an accomplishment that will be remembered and talked about for eons. Check out this article explaining in detail how truly good this roster is Click_Here-003.

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 16: during Game Six of the 2015 NBA Finals at The Quicken Loans Arena on June 16, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2015 NBAE (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)
CLEVELAND, OH – JUNE 16: during Game Six of the 2015 NBA Finals at The Quicken Loans Arena on June 16, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2015 NBAE (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

And as everyone saw in this season’s NBA finals, even if you think that you’re the best player in the world, it is NOT good enough to beat the BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD, PERIOD. Cavaliers chose a big line-up against the small-ball Warriors, they lost by 21… Next game, Cavaliers played small to match the small-ball Warriors, they lost by 13 points.  Conclusion, the Amazing Warriors are just too good of a team, period. And to hint that you alone will be the difference to beat the BEST TEAM IN THE NBA not only backfired but was NOT a smart claim to make. Besides, even if Irving and Love were healthy, the results would’ve been the same, just because the Warriors as a whole is the better team all-around, period. But of course that is water under the bridge and it’s always easier for the losing team to make an excuse. But don’t forget that Lebron and his team took the home court advantage away from the Dubs (to lead the series 2-1) and had numerous chances of putting the DUBS away in Cleveland. But just like they’ve shown numerous times in the regular season, the Amazing Warriors are the only team this season capable of coming back from a double-digit deficit and win it. They’re like a ticking bomb ready to explode any time, you just can’t count them out. Simply, THE BEST TEAM IN THE NBA beat the team with the best player convincingly by winning three consecutive games (two of which were in Cleveland). So they had two chances to finish the BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE, BUT JUST  COULDN’T. The message is simple, “THE WARRIORS ARE FOR REAL, THE 2014-2015 NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS”. WAAARIORS! WAAARIORS! WAAARIORS!06/16/2015

“I’m the best player in the world”… Really? Did I really hear Lebron James say that? Did he just pat himself on the  back? Even if it’s true, it just didn’t sound right coming from him… It sounded uncomfortable and absolutely egotistical.  That is not how we want to teach the young generation the value of modesty. He definitely sent the wrong example. It sounded like a statement coming from a poor loser… Something to the effect of, “Yes they won, but I’m the best player in the world, so what?” In this day and age where youngsters already feel privilege, it does not help to see someone with influence display such arrogance. It is incumbent upon him and athletes in general to be mindful of the message being conveyed. Kids/teenagers after-all tend to emulate their idols… 06/15/2015

IMG_0911I read a MSN Sports article today about the Warriors, Click_Here-003, and already the author is painting a not up to par assessment… Sounds like an excuse to me. I don’t want to jinx the Warriors but if it does happen, it’s only because the “better team” won. The better team means the Warriors have the better roster. Before Irving got hurt, the Cavaliers had numerous chances to put the game away, but they didn’t and couldn’t. Remember, the Warriors bench is what made winning the first game possible (starters picked it up from thereon)… In this case the Warriors roster as a group is the better team, period. Also, the fact that the Warriors erased a fourteen (14) point deficit is a tremendous feat, given the fact that they’re playing a team that features a Lebron James (and of course Kyrie Irving). All they (Cavaliers) had to do was protect the lead, but they couldn’t because the Warriors tenacity is too much for the Cavaliers to overcome. BASKETBALL IS A “TEAM” GAME!!! IT’S NOT ABOUT ONE PLAYER.  As my son reminded me every now and then, “Dad, the team with the best players will win (most of the time anyway)”… Amen to that C2. 06/06/2015

Western Playoffs, First Round – #1 vs. #8 seed: Not surprisingly, the amazing Warriors swept a very good Pelicans team 4-0. But it wasn’t as easy as they probably thought it would be. New Orleans came out swinging, played hard, pushed the W’s and definitely made them earn each win. Warriors-077Compared to the first three (hard-fought) wins, Curry and company (in this fourth game) were more focused and composed. At the end of the day, the Pelicans who played valiantly just could not keep up. The Warriors are just too good to lose. Hopefully the experience will make them better in the next round. After the game a classy Anthony Davis (made a fan out of me) gave the classy Curry man a nice congratulatory hug. Steph obviously earned the Brow’s respect… Both are definitely the new face(s) of the NBA and unquestionably they belong to a group with very few members, the super-elite players of the league. Clearly, both are changing the way the game is played. As for the Curry man, his continued spectacular performances (on and off the court), I think earned him to be crowned the undisputed MVP, period.

Moving on, I’m Looking forward to the second round against the winner of the Blazers/Grizzlies match. It will be a bruising match. This time let’s hope our amazing Warriors will not be reckless and will stay focus from the start to the finish of each game.  04/25/2015 

How about a player’s character? Maybe it should be added as part of the NBA stats. Considering that younger fans idolize and try to emulate their favorite player, maybe MVP candidates should also be recognized/scrutinized for their character. The winner with a high (character) mark will definitely be seen as a true role model. In the case of the current roster, this amazing Warriors I think is leading the way in setting  a good example for all of professional sports. Hopefully it’ll influence and change the existing culture of arrogance and entitlement in today’s sports. The Warriors-075young generation definitely need a genuine role model. Players who are worth imitating, not only for their ability to play but also for good attitude, how they’re perceived in public, good deeds and discipline. Let’s give the younger fans someone they can look up to who is genuinely humble and leads by example. Curry for one, even before he turned into the superstar that he is today was already making a difference on and off the court, Click_Here-003. He let his actions do all the talking, especially his act of benevolence. Isn’t that the type of role model we all want our kids to emulate? In any sports having talented players is important, but the Dubs current success is also in part the result of genuine team harmony. This roster is the epitome of team work (and I can’t say enough about the sacrifices put-forth by both David Lee and Andre Iguodala). By putting aside individual egos, the coaches and players are able to fully concentrate on the task at hand with no distraction whatsoever. And the fans, especially the long-time die-hard are definitely reaping the rewards of unconditional devotion, their team is on top of the world. AND they have new owner(s) who cares and an organization who seem to truly like and respect one another top to bottom (the owners, management, coaches and players). Per Mo Buckets (a sentiment I think shared by all his teammates) “I’m never about me. Individual awards can never win championships”. 04/14/2015

Another reason this DUBS roster is special (and definitely a team to emulate): “Disappointed? Yeah … but to be angry? That man’s a champion and we all strive to be that. You can’t knock that. He’s done that at the highest level. He’s helped carry his team to a championship on the defensive end.”… Draymond Green’s response when asked about Spurs Kawhi Leonard winning the title (even though Green had more first place votes than anyone considered) for NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Maybe, just maybe, there should be an award for “MVT” (Most Valuable Team)… This roster definitely gets my vote, just my .02¢. 04/24/2015

Congratulations to the “NEW” America’s Team, the Amazing 67-15 Golden State Warriors!!! 2014-15 Western Division Champions.  04/14/2015


Once again the amazing Warriors, now 51-12, proved the so-called “experts” wrong. AtWarriors-071 best, they, the doubters predicted the Warriors will win around 50-55 games this season. Well, with one-quarter to go in the season (nineteen games left for the W’s), the amazing Dubs already matched last season’s number of games won. After a dominating win against the Mavericks, followed by a convincing back to back (games) wins against the Clippers and the Suns, yesterday’s win against the Pistons made it win number 51. The DUBS are now 51-12. They’re numero Uno in the entire league, leading Atlanta by 1-1/2 games. This game with the Pistons was not what it should have been (seesaw). The Dubs were ahead by fifteen (15) points and by half-time the score was tied. Reason, old habits die-hard and hopefully it was a lesson learned. They have to establish the killer instinct from hereon. But what was good about the win (against the Pistons) is it showed that the second unit is reliable. They are consistent and definitely playing with confidence, especially Shaun L., hence it lessens the burden on Curry and Thompson. Especially when they’re having cold nights, like it was for Curry in this game, nine (9) points on 4 of 15 shooting.

With all the good things happening to the Warriors, I hope somehow the coaches will find a way to insert the amazing David Lee in the mix. After-all, embracing the team player mentality (just like Iguodala have) is a big sacrifice that is integral to the success the team is now experiencing. Fortunately for everyone concern, “the team” harmony is genuine, no two ways about it. Players of this particular roster have set their egos aside. An example definitely unique in the NBA and something other teams should emulate. 03/11/15

The Splash Brothers are just that, S-P-L-A-S-H!.  It wasn’t too long ago (1-23-15) when Klay Thompson scored 52 points showing the fans why he is a splash brother. Warriors-070What’s special about that feat is the way he accomplished it, he scored 37 of the 52 points in a quarter, yes you red right (13 of 13 shooting and 9 of 9 of it beyond the arc). The latter are both NBA records.

Yesterday, 02-04-15, it was the older half of the Splash brothers (Stephen Curry) turn to impressed the NBA world.  The Curry man helped his team overcome a 22 points deficit against the number two team in scoring (Mavericks) by imposing the Warriors swarming defense, and scoring 51 points. He dazzled the fans with his ball-handling magic, and scored 26 of the 51 points in a quarter. Per Maverick’s Tyson Chandler, “It’s one thing for him to hit the spot-up shots, but he hit shots in traffic, he makes tough floaters,” Chandler said. “An incredible all-around game.”  Many quality players were snubbed, I’m just glad that these two are going.  WE ARE WARRIORS! 02/05/15

They belong and definitely playing elite!!! Warriors-067 The 27-5 Warriors once and for all proved they are indisputable… They continue to win big games without Bogut and Ezeli. They ended a hot Thunder team’s winning streak to five (5) by holding Oklahoma to 30 percent shooting & out-scoring them 117-91. The lose prevented the Thunder to go over .500 for the first time this season. What is impressive about this win is the fact that the bench did not disappoint. They were focused, defended well and maintained momentum (while Curry, Thompson and Green were on the bench due to foul trouble).  Tonight was Justin Holiday’s evening to shine.  He was as effective in this game as he did against the previous game against the Raptors (who were number one in the east until the lose to the Dubs). He is truly taking advantage of the minutes he gets to play. Let’s hope that Brandon Rush will soon regain his old self. 01/05/2015

The 21-3 Warriors winning streak of sixteen ended in Memphis against a very good #2 Grizzlies team… The Warriors playing with a small line-up definitely made Memphis earn the win. The Dubs continue to amaze. Despite losing the game to the Grizzlies, what the Bogut-less Warriors have demonstrated is their ability to still play high-level ball in spite of their two big men not playing.  People forget that this is the Bogut-less Warriors team that forced the Clippers to a seventh game in last season’s playoffs only to lose it by five (5) points. This loss to Memphis more than anything else displayed how tenacious this amazing roster is. After the second quarter burst by Memphis (mainly by the bench), the Dubs imposed their defensive stance and held the Grizzlies to a reported 37% shooting in the second half. They fought valiantly and never ceased. Warriors-064It’s only fair to point out that in addition to Bogut’s absence, a number of questionable calls by the refs (especially the very obvious travel by Conley that resulted in four points which included two technical fouls against Igoudala and the coach for “pointing” out the infraction) played a factor in the Grizzlies win. The Warriors depth was definitely tested and even with their big men out (Bogut & Lee), they kept pushing.  They exhibited the team’s chutzpah, the character of this roster . They endured and out-rebounded the Grizzlies BIGS by 49-48; tied Memphis in points scored inside the paint at 50-50; and the “Green” Lantern specifically (in addition to blocking two (2) shots by the mighty Zach Randolph) had a very productive night with a game high of five (5) blocks (eleven blocks total for the team) along with his ten (10) rebounds, six (6) assists and four (4) points. The odd thing is, this game flashed more positives than negatives for the Dubs despite losing the game. And maybe, if not for that one questionable call, maybe the result would’ve been different? Oh well, that’s water under the bridge, bottom line is they persevered and performed productively. The next game against the Thunders will be another match-up with playoff intensity. WE ARE WARRIORS!!! 12/17/14

The amazing Warriors are 17-2, a new franchise record accomplished by beating the Bulls 112-102 in Chicago. No question that game’s MVP is Draymond Green, who set a new career high by scoring thirty-one (31) points to go with his 7reb, 3ast, 3blks, and 4 stls. The Bulls were too busy defending against the Splash Brothers, living Green free (beyond the arc most of the time) making 7 of his 13 attempts on three-pointers.  The guy just keeps getting better every game. And this particular game, in my opinion, he solidified his position to remain as the starter (in place of the injured David Lee), he earned it. The anticipated return of Lee will most likely happen in Monday’s game against the Timberwolves. His return will definitely boost an already potent Warriors team. The bench will surely be the one benefiting mostly, remember Mr. Reliable not too long ago produced double/double figures consistently.  They (bench) will definitely get a huge “turbo” boost with him in there.  It will without question be a stronger secondary with him in there with Igoudala, Livingston, Ross and Speights.  Another headache the opposing team’s coaches have to reckon with.  A healthy Bogut remains the x-factor for this success to continue. 12/6/2014

As of this writing, the amazing Warriors (who are now 14-2) are “still” rated number one (1) in the power rankings (even though the 15-2 Memphis have the best record). Both ESPN and Fox Sports have the Dubs as numero uno. Warriors-063 They are rated number one on both offense and defense. If they continue to protect the ball and stay healthy, the quest for the ultimate NBA price remains very attainable. Specially now that Livingston is starting to find his rhythm and is starting to fit in with the team. Looking forward on David Lee’s return. 11/30/2014

The DUBS are 12-2 people!!! Following a convincing performance against the Heat, they  put away the Magics in similar passion, with a punctuation mark. It was another incredible night for Stephen Curry, putting out 28pts, 8ast and 5rebs in 25 minutes of play against the Magics. Curry is just ridiculously amazing. And now being compared with the late “Pistol Pete Maravich” says a lot about the kid from Davidson. The game against the Miami Heat was another one of those exciting games involving the Dubs. Curry is a stud (40pts., 7ast., 6 reb., 3 stls), the team overcoming a sixteen (16) points deficit and then win it by double-digit says a lot about their perseverance.  The defense surely tightened in the fourth quarter to put the game away. The game against the Oklahoma Thunders, although Mo Speights was amazing in that game, was NOT as convincing as the previous game (Jazz). It seems sitting Bogut (late in the first quarter after getting hit with an elbow to his right eye socket) for the rest of the game hampered ball movement. Hence, more than ever, the need to have David Lee is vital.  Let’s hope he’ll be 100 percent healthy soon, he’s definitely crucial for the team to maintain their offensive precision. As ugly as it looked, the win against the Thunders attained a breakthrough for the Warriors, they are now 10-2.  The game against the Utah Jazz was a thing of beauty, for me anyway. With the Splash Brothers shooting cooling off in that game, the rest of the team rose to the occasion and put away a very good Utah team in a very convincing passion.  11/27/2014

PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 05: Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors passes the ball over Goran Dragic #1 and Markieff Morris #11 of the Phoenix Suns during the first half of the NBA game at US Airways Center on April 5, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)Regular season started and the league is finally giving the 5-2 Warriors credence as one of the top teams this season. One reason for the recognition (in addition to the team’s dominant offense) is their consistent stance on defense. Unfortunately, they are also consistently turning over the ball as well, resulting in PAT’s for the opponent. The latter is the only obstacle standing in the way to ultimate success. The game against the Phoenix Suns was a good example of a done deal that went sour. That game was in the bag only to be negated by carelessness in handling the ball, twenty-six (26) turnovers in that game alone, and the Curry man was responsible for ten.  Most of the twenty-six TO’s were converted to points.  It’s a serious problem that “must” be rectified once and for all. Every point in the very competitive west is vital to get to the playoffs. Hence, the importance of addressing the turnover problem is a must, as soon as possible, like NOW. Well, the problem continued with the game against the Spurs committing twenty (20) turnovers that yielded twenty-one (21) points, NOT GOOD. 11/12/2014

Warriors-061Congratulations to Team USA!!  In addition to bringing home the gold medal, the Splash Brothers definitely acquired valuable experience that will benefit the team.  Just thankful neither one got injured (thank God). I Can’t wait for the season to start and watch the Warriors dazzle their fans and do amazing things… The time has come. Go Warriors!!!

What a terrific free agent acquisition for the Dubs.  Shaun Livingston not only filled the lost of Jarrett Jack, he is also an upgrade of the latter (for his defensive capabilities).Warriors-059 And yes, Brandon Rush is back! Fans remember what he’s done for the W’s… Good to have him back. It can’t get any better than that… The team is pretty much set and most likely have one of, if not the deepest roster in the NBA.  So even if they do NOT land Kevin Love, I absolutely feel that the existing roster already have the right players in place to compete with anyone at any level (and more so now with the addition of Livingston, Rush and Barboza), they are beyond very good period. Now just imagine Livingston playing the point, now imagine what he’s staring at… Curry moving on the left-wing, Thompson on the opposite end, Bogut in the paint in front of his defender, and he (Livingston) decides to attack the middle and two defenders (bite the bait) follow and there goes the pass to a wide open David Lee BOOM! WOW! Also, Ezeli’s performance will be crucial, iffy for now, hence a Jermaine return is imperative, at least for another year. With this season’s roster, the Dubs will definitely have no problem going with small line-up. Of course the biggest concern is injury which is why the FIBA World Cup is a big concern… Let’s hope everyone will come out injury free from that event, and hopefully healthy once and for all. Remember, the Amazing Warriors were Bogut away (and five points away) Warriors-060from eliminating the Clippers in the seventh game. Compared to last year, the roster is already better. Kudos to the front office for another outstanding performance, keep up the good work and thank you.

Now that the bench problem has been reinforced, I think the prudent move to make is to all together drop out of the Love trade, let it play out. There are just too many good things happening recently to the Warriors that will have a positive impact to the existing roster. Good moves that’ll definitely give the players incentive to make it happen, prove that they (existing roster) are definitely the one that will take the team to the championship land.  I have a feeling that most of the players will give their 110 percent to make a point. They are now stronger than ever (coaches and players). With the planned ball movement (Spurs style) and the planned participation of Bogut and Lee in setting up plays, is a sign that the coach is sharp as a tack… He will push and bring out a player’s ability to the max.  Hence, exciting things ahead and I can’t wait for the 2014 season to start. 07/20/2014

My take on the trade for Kevin Love.  First of all, trading Lee, Thompson and a future first round pick for Kevin Love I think will be giving up too much. NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Golden State Warriors In my opinion the skills of Thompson, especially on the defensive end (considered by many as perhaps the best two-way big guard in the league) is more important to me than the offensive skills of Love (other than the ability to stretch the four, he is just a tad better than David Lee defending hence “still” a defensive liability). And since the Warriors have many offensive players who can rack up points, the value of a player with Thompson’s caliber who performs productively on both ends of the court (i.e., offense and defense) is more important than Love’s offensive fire power.  I believe in the sports adage “The best offense is a good defense”.  So I definitely agree with Coach Kerr and Jerry West, Thompson is definitely off-limits. And with the hiring of Ron Adams (a widely respected defensive mind in the league) as defensive coordinator, makes even more sense to keep Thompson in the team… He is MC Hammer’s version of “Can’t Touch This”.  Also, what happens if Love gets injured (God forbid)?  Why lose a complete player like Thompson (who many claims has not reach his potential yet) and a double/double production from Mr. Consistent (D. Lee)? To me that’s giving away too much production and a humongous sacrifice for one guy in my eyes.  But, “if” management decides to do it, I think the best trade offer that makes sense to me (before the trade dead-line) is, hesitantly, a David Lee and Harrison Barnes (and “maybe” a future first-round draft pick). But after the dead-line, again hesitantly, David Lee and Barnes should suffice.  Talent alone will not win championships but with the addition of Coach Gentry and Coach Adams the dynamics of the Warriors will definitely change. The talents on the team will definitely be explored and maximized to the full potential. Hence, the need to trade for Love may not be imperative after-all, especially if it’ll cost the Dubs an arm and a leg.  The Dubs have one of the most potent core in the league and with guidance from two reputable coaches (with specific forte), I don’t see the need to break-up something that’s already functioning when all it needs is fine-tuning it. 06/23/2014

Congratulations to Steve Kerr.  Now the pressure is on him to prove the decision to change coaches was necessary.  He has a huge task ahead and all eyes are on him. Warriors-058 But if he is smart as everyone claims (and he already showed this by stating he “prefers” surrounded by associate-coaches with head-coaching experience), then I don’t expect major hurdles during the transition. The team character is what I believe the key in making this change a successful one.  One thing unique about this Warriors roster is the strong bond among the players, they truly function as a team… There are no divas here. It will be primarily up to Curry to rally the troops together to support the new coach.  And sooner than later, it will be business as usual and only time will tell if this was a prudent management decision. 05/15/2014

Okay, so we finally heard both sides of the story.  And in my opinion, the problem was never about performance, maybe lack of faith in ability?  But it was definitely about the clash of two humongous egos, David versus Goliath. Unfortunately for the coach Goliath in this particular situation has the upper-hand and the last word.  He is the man, the employer, the one signing the checks, his check…  And reciprocating a little probably could have helped the situation, especially when the coach was given the go signal to hire help but procrastinated? Read stories about insecurities of assistant coaches getting the credits… Moving on, that’s water under the bridge. 05/13/2014

Sad to see Coach Jackson go.   Unfortunately it is the nature of the business.  And as much as I am pro-Jackson, I also understand the owners Warriors-057 have the right to make changes as they see fit… It’s a business decision and nothing personal. There are rumors, opinions and theories going around, it’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth.  Unless you hear it from the horse’s mouth don’t waste your time giving any of it credence.  Let’s just hope the players will not be affected by all this.  Hopefully they’ll maintain the team cohesion and continue to move forward. There’s one thing I’m curious about and that is, was the coach giving his players a hint when he said (during a time-out in the 7th game against the Clippers), “don’t do it for me, do it for yourself, this could be the last time this group will be together“.  Just makes me wonder about the truthfulness of one of the articles that states “had management not fire the coach, he was ready to quit anyway”… makes me wonder.  Good luck to Coach Jackson, I am sure he will be successful if he chooses to remain in this field.  God bless you coach.  05/06/2014

I keep sounding like a broken record but, turnovers in my opinion, is the only reason our Amazing Warriors are out of the playoffs.  The Clippers made twenty-four (24) points off eighteen (18) turnovers by the Dubs compared to the Clippers fourteen (14) turnovers but only resulted in fifteen points (15) off turnovers.  Numbers don’t lie too many turnovers were their demise. Warriors-056 But, the Amazing Warriors are still that, AMAZING!!! Everyone played hard and gave the Clippers a run for their money.  I am sure the experience will carry on to the next season. They will be better, wiser & hopefully realize the importance of how precious each (ball) possession is. The future is bright for this “particular” roster.  The prudent decision is to bring everyone back especially the backbone of the group, Coach Jackson, that should be a given.  Regardless of how you feel, the positive results gained out of this season outweighs the negatives by a mile… Again, numbers don’t lie, check it out.  And, if money is still not an issue (yet), imagine having a line-up for the center position made up of Bogut, Ezeli and O’Neill? DANG!   It’ll be foolish if management decide to break up these young, seasoned, and battle tested young guns… That will be a blunder.

I’m already looking forward to next season, I can’t wait.  Until then, be safe everyone, God bless and GO WARRIORS BABY!!!  Over and out.  Warriors 3Clippers 4 May 3, 2014

Against all odds, the amazing Warriors just keep chugging along and proving the so-called experts wrong.  It is only befitting that this playoff series ends with a Warriors win. It’s a perfect movie script in the making.  A story appropriately fitting for an underdog like the Warriors, whose reputation is still filled with skepticism even after having posted yet another winning season.  Even after pushing the series to an old school bruising seven game playoff series to a do or die contest (without Bogut and now Oneill, and against the apparently mighty Clippers, who were suppose to win this series in a cake-walk style), our Dubs are still not getting the respect they deserve.  Winning this series is a must and the only way to shut-up the skeptics once and for all.  Play hard and smart and take care of the ball is the key, especially for the Curry man.  Points off turnovers is a major factor and if its’ contained, there is no doubt the Warriors will win Saturday’s game, period. Warriors 3Clippers 3 05/01/2014

The good news is they played tenaciously,  the bad news is turnover once again got the best of them resulting in a ten point lose.  They were in striking distance and had numerous opportunities to go ahead and control the game.  But because of turnovers (fourteen (14) equating to twenty-two (22) Clipper points) they were in catch-up mode most of the game trying to make up for the points made after a turnover.  Warriors 2Clippers 3 04/29/2014

Is the new line-up the answer? Maybe, but it definitely worked in game 4… We will see. It looked so effective the Clippers did not have an answer in the second half.  The Warriors defended effectively but still committedWarriors-054 fifteen (15) turnovers, that is still one too many and must be rectified in game 5. Warriors 2Clippers 2 04/27/2014

Seventeen (17) turnovers cost twenty-five (25) points  and a disappointing lose. Continuing the trend is not going to cut it, especially in the playoffs.  Forget about missing shots, it happens to everyone and we all know the Warriors are more than capable of coming back from behind, even from double-digit deficits.  But turnovers are something else, you can’t recover the point after and it’s a  it’s definitely unacceptable, period… Numbers don’t lie and it should be obvious if they had less two turnovers in this game (15 instead of 17) it would have been a plus two point advantage for the Dubs. So instead of 98-96 Clippers win, the score should be 94-96… And should-be a Warriors win… It’s that simple. And as mentioned many times before the only thing the Warriors have done consistently is commit turnovers over and over and over… Which means an early exit from the playoffs.   Warriors 1Clippers 2 04/24/2014

The Warriors have to stop shooting themselves on the foot.  As usual turnovers and inconsistency are the primary reasons our team is getting killed, it’s as simple as that. Moving on to the next round will be impossible if they do not address the turnover problem.  Every possession is important and must be handled with care, especially in the playoffs.  Coach Jackson and the other coaches can only do so much, it is up to the players to be mindful and execute.  Warriors 1Clippers 1 04/21/2014

Playoff time Dubs fans!!!  Our amazing team played hard earning the first game win against the Clippers.  But they must address the Warriors-051 turnovers problem as well as missed free throws.   Let’s hope the latter is minimized in the next game.  JOneill  continues to impress and prove the doubters wrong. I hope he stays healthy throughout the playoffs as an added threat to the opponent. How about David Lee? Once again the consistent one put together another double/double performance (20Pts./13Reb.)  He was off in the first half but made some adjustments and came out productive for the second half.  He continues to  prove how important he is to the team.  The Curry Man was double covered most of the time, took advantage of the situation by dishing out the ball to the open man (14pts. 7asst. 3stl.). How about Klay Thompson?  In addition (to his 22pts. 7reb. 5asst.) he did a good job of guarding CP3 (who shot 10/23).  We shall see if he can repeat the same performance in game 2.  Harrison Barnes is getting back into the groove with 14pts and 8reb.  Looking forward to a more physical game this Monday, I am sure the Clippers will make an adjustment… LET’S GO WARRIORS BABYY!!!  Warriors 1Clippers 0 04/19/2014

The 50th win finally!!! Congrats Warriors!  It would have been nice had it been accomplished in yesterday’s game against the Blazers. But a win is a win and this one is still special in many ways. Kudos to Coach Jackson and the amazing Warriors.  Another exciting performance from start to finish. Kevin Love is a beast (40Pts, 14Reb, 9Ast) and was unstoppable in the first quarter.  Once again the Dubs did it the hard way Ahhhh, down by as much as nineteen (19) points, they came back and won it by ten (10) points (without Bogut and Iguodala).  Again, the work horse was The Curry Man (32 Pts, 15Ast, 5Reb, 3 Stl).  David Lee with his usual output (25Pts, 9Reb), Thompson (25pts, 5Reb) and how about Draymond Green having a career night, posting 20Pts, 12Reb, 5Ast, 4Stl, and 2Blks… Good for him, let’s hope he brings the same tenacity in the playoffs.  Warriors 130Timberwolves 120 04/14/2014

The Dubs sometimes make it hard to get things done. Warriors-049 The win against the Lakers secured a playoff spot that should’ve been wrapped up yesterday against the Nuggets. The Warriors seem to have gotten used to doing things the hard way… Oh well, what else is new. The Curry Man finished with a triple double (30/12/10Reb.), his fifth this season (2014). His foot was on the pedal to the metal from the start to finish. It was good to see David Lee back in the court.  I am convinced the Dubs will go farther with him starting.  You cannot argue with his double/double production which will be crucial in the playoffs.  He is a threat inside the paint as well as very productive in rebounding.  As much as I like the starting line-up that includes Green, I am not convince it is as potent when David Lee is the one starting.  Also, to maintain their confidence and momentum going in to the playoffs, they should win the last three remaining regular games.  That should not be hard to do if they maintain focus.  They have proven numerous times when they are focused they can definitely win against anyone (except for the Spurs… I think it’ll be different in the playoffs though).  LET’S GO WARRIORS!!!  Warriors 112Lakers 95 04/10/2014

The Coach Jackson debacle C’mon! this is not even suppose to be a story, something is wrong here!  It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out, hello? This story should have never gone out. It creates a distraction during a contest that is already stressful, and the timing is bad.  Management definitely made a snafu for allowing credence to this story.  It interferes with the team focusing at something more important like the playoffs.  Has everyone forgotten Warriors mentality pre-Jackson era? First and foremost, just for transforming the players into a defensive minded team (and the players buying into it) warrants a reward, at the least a contract extension for the coach, period. Who would have thought hearing fans and sportscasters alike talking about Golden State Warriors defense? NOT ONLY ARE THEY PLAYING DEFENSE PEOPLE, THEY ARE THIRD IN THE “ENTIRE” NBA FOR DEFENSIVE EFFICIENCY, YUP YOU READ RIGHT… AND THE TRANSFORMATION HAPPENED ON MJ’S WATCH.  AND, they’re also on their way to a second consecutive winning season, as well as on par to a fifty or more wins this year. For a rookie coach, Mark Jackson is definitely doing a very good job, tremendously at it I say.  Hence, deserving a reward as oppose to disregarding him. The prudent thing to do is to show him support, publicly… It’s the right thing to do.  You hired him to coach and lead, he is leading and he is winning… So what’s the problem?

Warriors-048 We are fast approaching the tail-end of the season and our amazing Warriors for the most part are still known for their offensive prowess and their three pointers.  What most fans (outside of the bay area) do NOT realize is the fact that the Warriors are a defensive team, they are ranked third in the entire NBA in defensive efficiency. With the west seating being more competitive (than the east), anything can truly happen in a given night.  The advantage the Warriors have, especially now that everyone is pretty much healthy (crossing my fingers and the possible addition of Festus Ezeli) is they have the players to accommodate any lineup they will face.  Can you imagine what will happen if in the playoffs (in addition to their defense)  the offensive mastery they are known for all of a sudden clicks on all cylinders?  My take is it will happen just for the simple fact that they will do it to rally around their coach, to make sure that Coach Jackson will be around.  If they play consistently on both ends of the court, there’s no reason not to believe that they can go all the way.

What a game that was against the Clippers.  It surely felt like a playoff atmosphere. The amazing Warriors were within striking distance (91-95 with a little more than four minutes left) but just ran out of gas.

The Warriors are definitely on a roll.   Two consecutive wins against playoff caliber teams (Phoenix and Dallas).  What is impressive with this current run is they’ve won games due to playing defense consistently.  And there is nothing more satisfyingWarriors-031 knowing you beat the opponent because you contained their offensive prowess.  It will be a tremendous satisfaction if they can extend and come up with another win in tonight’s game against the  hot Clippers team. GO WARRIORS! DO IT ONCE MORE BABYY!  BEAT LA! BEAT THE HOT CLIPPERS! 03/12/2014

It’s been a while Dubs fans!!!  Less than twenty games left and we will soon find out if our amazing Warriors are for real or not. No doubt they are definitely playing better ball. They are defending better but more importantly they are doing it consistently.  And how about the bench?  The addition of Blake and Crawford are starting to payoff big time.  JONeill is playing like someone who discovered the fountain of youth.  Barnes is finally getting his old self and Green is just awesome all around. Let’s hope the next two games (versus the Suns and then against the Mavericks) will result in wins to distance themselves from the seventh position.  Hopefully Klay Thompson’s injury is nothing serious and we will see him play against Phoenix.  LET’S GO WARRIORS!  ALL THE WAY BABYY! 03/07/2014

The game against the Jazz was a much-needed win since it was the back-end of a back to back game that started with a dominating performance against the Pacific Division leading Clippers team (Warriors 111Clippers 92). Warriors-047 It was not as convincing as the previous night’s game against the Clippers, but a win is a win. Bogut was on top of his game, he was a beast especially in the first quarter, another double/double night.  Curry had another one of those magnificent night, his assists were down which tells us how the others performed. David Lee did not play due to some nagging shoulder problems. Klay  could not buy a basket and Iggy had an off night shooting while Barnes continues with his struggle. Again consistency is the problem and everyone knows it. It must be addressed once and for all. One night they’re brilliant and unstoppable performing in the elite level, then in the following night they look lost and lethargic. I’m sure the problem is mind-set. There is no excuse simply because they’re more than capable of defending against anyone… Their problem is determination. For them to get to the playoffs and ultimately the finals, they must focus consistently in every game from hereon.  Warriors 95Jazz 90 01/31/2014

The Carlton Dance

Once again the amazing Warriors front office pulled out a spectacular move.  The acquisition of Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks is definitely a win/win transaction for the Dubs.  It cost the club practically nothing to get a productive player in Crawford, and only time will tell how good Marshon Brooks will be.  The only question I have is will both buy in with the “It’s All About The Team” mantra attitude, we will see.  As for the loss to the Nuggets, it happens every now and then when a team really gets in the groove and no matter how well you defend you just can’t stop.  And adding insult to injury you have a “in your face” performance from Nate Robinson does not help the situation… It is what it is.  We will see how they adjust in the game against the Thunders this Friday. Warriors 116Nuggets 123 01/15/2014

Despite being physically drained, the amazing Warriors pulled out a win Friday night against a slumping Celtics team.  They appeared haggard and if not for the two pointer Curry made in the last 2.1 seconds Warriors-046remaining in the game, the Celtics who were more determined than the Warriors could have possibly pulled a win had it gone to overtime.  Despite Curry’s heroics in the last seconds of the game, Iguodala was the MVP in this game.  He made key shots that kept the Dubs in the game.  The team will get a well deserved two-day rest and will not be back in action until this Wednesday when they play against the Nuggets at Oracle. Warriors 99Celtics 97 01/11/2014

Okay, so the amazing Warriors missed out on being part of a historical event.  It was depressing at first until we look back at the overall accomplishments, and no doubt the future is certainly bright for this roster.  The last two weeks have been awesome for us fans.  The winning streak has made some of us spoiled and some of us ridiculously expect them to win every game.  Unfortunately, we all have to stop it and come back to reality Tongue Out.  The truth is even with the loss to the Nets, we still could not ask for anything more as the #FullSquad performed extraordinarily and definitely delivered more than expected.  But I still wish they won that 7th road game!!! STOP IT ALREADY!  Tenacity propelled our team to be rated #3 in the ESPN power rankings.  The national exposure resulted with the influx of many new fans from around the world and it definitely helped the Curry man elevate in the all-star line-up (fast CP3) second only to the Kobe man. Barring injuries, the march to the championship series should continue.   Warriors 98Nets 102 01/08/ 2014

When focused, the Warriors are dangerously POTENT!  Warriors-045Yesterday’s game against the Wizards, a 30-5 spectacle of showmanship on offense and defense beginning in the 3rd quarter was a tremendous feat that is second to none. The Warriors contained the Wizards in the second half to 36% shooting for the remainder of the game. So whatever was said in the locker room during half-time surely made an impression in the second half.  That 3rd quarter performance was a perfect example of what the Warriors are truly capable of doing when everyone is focused.  It proves once and for all that the Magnificent 8 (Curry, Thompson, Lee, Bogut, Igoudala, Barnes Green & O’Neal) when operating on all cylinders will give any of the NBA teams (elite or not) a run for their money. Offensively Bogut was just having a ball (no pun intended), but more importantly he displayed how he can be dominating and feral defending the paint.  How about that assisted dunk from Curry to Bogut off of the glass board?  WOW!  That play warrants consideration for “Play of The Century” lol… So, other than reducing turn-overs, the only obstacle hindering team consummation is the bench production. It must be rectified as soon as possible and hopefully before the playoffs start… How about Andre Miller?  Okay, at the level they’re playing now, this 7 away games segment should yield nothing short of two more wins. They are just that good (when focused) not to bring home total victory for this trip, not to mention the possibility of rewriting team history (for a possible 11-0 run) involving this “We Are Warriors” roster. And you read it here first, the Magnificent 8 is probably the best Warriors roster ever assembled.  Warriors 112Wizards 96 01/06/2014

How about that?  Our Warriors have an 8-0 streak going (I hope I didn’t jinx them), a back to back wins against two of the east elite teamsWarriors-044 (e.g., the Heat and Falcons and if you think that is not a statement I don’t know what is).  Iguodala is just amazing as Lee, Klay, Barnes and Bogut are.  I can’t wait for JO’Neal & Festus’ return. Now they have a good chance to go 11-0 before coming back to the bay area for a long home court lay-over.  The Dubs have basically proven once and for all that they belong in the NBA’s upper echelon. The game against the Falcons is proof of their tenacity & showcase to the world that they have the ability as a team to overcome pressure and not give up.  Overcoming a fifteen point deficit specially in the fourth quarter with a little over six minutes left in the game is saying a lot.  No matter how many mistakes they made in the game against the Falcons, the effort in defending should be the highlight of that game.  No one gave up and everyone just kept the pressure on the opponent.  Our man Curry, despite signs of fatigue and his abundance of making turn-overs, made key shots at the right time. There is no doubt the kid from Davidson is a legitimate superstar just like LeBron, Kobe, CP3, etc.  And if he can fix the one genuine flaw he has (i.e., turning over the ball more often than not), the Curry man will be a “Complete Super Star Player” (he’s done everything; from shooting  and creating shots for himself anywhere on the court; drive to the basket; he is the current king beyond the arc; nearly double in assists; he rebounds well; steals; etc., he’s done it).  The good news is, fixing his flaw is as easy as “just” concentrating… But more importantly, minimizing turn-overs will generate more points during games and consequently alleviate the need for the come from behind predicaments, hence will reduce pressure and stressful situations.  Warriors 123 –  Heat 114 and last night in Atlanta, Warriors 101Hawks 100 01/04/2014

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry does many impressive things on the court.  But what is genuinely consistent about him are the good deeds (that’s plural) he does off court.  I read Barnes, DLee and Iguodala are the same way.   Check out the video below to see some of Curry’s good deeds:

The Curry Man is truly an American Idol.  He is the kind of guy you want your daughter  to bring home to and marry.  The kind of person kids should truly emulate and can really look up to.  More power to him.

Oh, good job against the Clippers followed by a statement against the Suns.  Warriors 105Clippers 103Warriors 115Suns 86 12/28/2013

Okay, so they won against the Lakers but that is expected.  ChristmasImage02And even then it didn’t look good until in the late third quarter.  The only consistent thing they’ve done so far is commit too many turn-overs, they gave eighteen in this game. That is one too many but lucky for them the Lakers only converted a few of those TO’s to points. Like I’ve said so many times, turning over the ball is the biggest hurdle preventing them from cementing their status as members of the elite.  Ball control is not an option and protecting it should be a mindset period.  We’ll find out Christmas day which Warriors identity will show up when they play against the Clippers followed by a game against the Phoenix Suns.  Those two games will tell us fans where our Dubs are.  Merry Christmas and wishing everyone a prosperous 2014.  Happy New Year and be safe!!!  Warriors 102 –  Lakers 83 12/22/2013

I can’t wait to watch tonight’s game against San Antonio.  I’m sure a lot of you Dubs fans are excited and looking forward to see this game.  This is a crucial game for the Warriors for one reason, it will confirm whether they are tangible or not.  It’s a must win if they want the NBA community to continue to see them as genuine contenders.  If they play with the same purpose and firmness like they did against the Pelicans, then they should come out as the winner.  Now that its been announced the Spurs big three (Duncan, Parker and Ginobili) are not playing (and  having the advantage of playing at home), the Warriors should win this game period.

Warriors-043Sadly, a very disappointing performance and a devastating loss, period.  I was hyper-ventilating and had to get up and take a breather! Yell This is the worst performance I’ve seen the Dubs play.  It definitely looked ugly and I hate to say but it does not look like they’re ready for prime time just yet.  They have quality players who are mentally weak to compete with the elite teams… They lack the dog-eat-dog kind of attitude (like Jack is).  The honeymoon is over and it is time for Coach Jackson to change approach and be firm.  With the exception of Bogut, the rest of the team are lacking the “mental toughness” they showed last year, it is definitely no where in sight.  They are just committing too many mistakes, silly fouls and definitely too many turn-overs, especially the Curry man… Twenty-four (24) team TO’s tonight guys!!! How many times do they have to be reminded that taking care of the ball is not an option, it’s a MUST. They continue to be inconsistent. And had they won the game it would have not meant anything since they were expected to win against a team who played its second stringers.  But to actually lose it to the Spurs second-stringers in a nationally televised game is definitely embarrassing and certainly demoralizing. Something is definitely wrong which must be addressed immediately before it’s too late.  GO WARRIORS!  Warriors 102Spurs 104 12/19/2013

There’s no doubt the Warriors are very good. Warriors-041ABut there are concerns & the first thing that comes to mind is their inconsistencies. Compared to last year, they are definitely not defending nor rebounding as good. It seems like they’re relying too much on Bogut.  Then there’s the question of bench production, they are not as reliable as last year (when Jack and Landry were part of the team). It’s still questionable if Barnes can offset the production provided by the latter.  Which leads me to suggest that if the Jimmer Fredette rumor is true, then it is imperative that it be pursued for the simple reason that Fredette will tremendously improve bench scoring… Barnes and Fredette coming off the bench will be an awesome firepower!  Another concern is, it seems like the team has developed a bad habit of getting used to getting behind during a game and counting on coming back from behind to win it. Although they have the ability to come back, it is not a good mindset to have period. They must learn to put a game away, especially when they have a big lead.  Klay in particular must learn to recognize when he is having an off-night shooting the ball.  And if so, he must first attempt to find and assist to the teammate who is having a better shooting night.  Also I’m still waiting for them to put together a string of wins amongst the better teams.  The game tonight against the Mavericks, followed by a game against the Rockets this Friday should be a good one to change things.  GO WARRIORS!!  Warriors 95Mavericks 93  12/11/2013

Now it’s Iguodala!!!  He went out in the third quarter and didn’t come back to play due to a hamstring injury.  Not a good sign.  Suddenly the team is plagued with injuries.  But as usual the reliable David Lee as well as Bogut had another one of their double/double night.  But the team in general seems to be struggling. The absence of the Curry man is obvious, the fire power is not there.  And the bench is having problems offensively, no one seems to be able to ignite a nice run. Warriors-042 As for the Lakers, Kobe is still out but Gasol had a spectacular night.  He made some nifty moves in the paint against Bogut defending. The Lakers in this game came out wanting to win, they were the better team. We’ll see if they can get out their slump in their next game against Portland.  Warriors 95Lakers 102 11/22/2013

Can the Warriors handle tonight’s humongous task against the Grizzlies? This will no question be a good game to gauge how the team will respond when more than one major contributor is not playing due to injury.  Without the services of our man Curry, JO’Neal and Douglas, the Dubs will definitely have their hands full tonight.  Particularly, will Klay be up to the challenge? Time to step up for a number of the Warriors players, specifically Bazemore; Nedovic and Kuzmic… Time to shine and prove you belong.  Can they break the ten (10) game winning streak Memphis has against the Warriors?  I can’t wait to see what adjustments they’ll make to compensate.

Another exciting game just because the Warriors are in it.  Well, for now the Grizzlies just owns the Warriors, period.  But it’s not like they lost for lack of effort, after-all the score at the end of regular time is 75-75.  Iguodala had a chance to put the game away but missed. In the end there’s really not much to say other than the Grizzlies had the last gasp and eventually closed the door. Our Dubs played their hearts out and did not give up… Can’t asked for anything more.  The Grizzlies were just a little more determined.  Coming back from a double-digit deficit & finally put the game away in overtime was sort of statement. Sounding like a broken-record but once again, the lesson here is you just cannot let-up when you have a big lead.  Wreak havoc on the opponent by defending fiercely while avoiding unnecessary fouls.  It should be a mind-set to protect double-digit leads no matter what… More so when you’re playing against a high-caliber team like Memphis.  Let’s hope lesson’s learned.  Warriors 81Grizzlies 88 OT 11/20/2013

This  win was absolutely important Warriors-040for simply establishing legitimacy. Whether they are playing at home or away , better teams are supposed to beat good teams (most of the time anyway).  This particular game, the tail-end of a back to back games against the Jazz in Utah, was a measuring stick in terms of determining where the Warriors stand. Even though it is a game at home for Utah (home court are normally tough games to win for the opponent, specially in a back to back scenario), the Warriors were expected to win because they are the better team, and obviously they did and won convincingly.  But just like the previous game at Oracle, the score does not reflect how the Dubs dominated. Good job Warriors!! Let’s just hope The Curry Man & JO’Neal recover ASAP.   Warriors 98Jazz 87 11/18/2013

The better team is supposed to win Warriors-039and the Warriors did exactly that in this first game of a back to back against the Jazz. There was a point in the game where Utah cut the lead to a single digit and threatened to come back, but better teams do not panic.  They just regain their composure, step up and keep pressing.  The bad news in this game is the injury to the still very reliable Jermaine O’Neal whose presence provides defensive continuity in the paint when Bogut is on the bench. Compared to the out of commissioned Douglas (whose role can be taken over by multiple players like, Iguodala; Bazemore or Nedovic), the depth in the center position is not as extensive.  Jermaine’s absence along with his contribution will definitely be felt until someone else steps up and fill the gaps.  Until then it will be a big concern how the team will react when Bogut is on the bench for whatever reason.  I’m just hoping that JO’Neal will be able to recover as soon as possible.  Warriors 102Jazz 88 11/16/2013


What a game that was fanatics!!!  “I can do it too in 2.5 seconds dude! What a battle! Two exciting young elite teams. That winning shot by Iguodala against The Thunders was a big statement more than anything else.  It’s like saying, we are not going anywhere but up! And whether you like it or not, we are a team to reckon with for years to come. Together we stand, we are WARRIORS! Warriors 116Thunders 115 11/14/2013

The Grizzlies were just the better team in this game… on both ends of the court.  Zack Randolph was his usual, just an awesome player. Memphis was just the better team tonight period.  We will see if that changes when they play again at Oracle next week.  Nothing else to say.  Warriors 90Grizzlies 108 11/09/2013

Was the game against San Antonio a preview of the playoffs?  No reason to think otherwise.  Both team’s roster are definitely championship caliber.  Defenses on both sides were just fantastic and it stiffened in the fourth quarter.  But one positive aspect that came out of this game (moral victory for the Warriors) is how they continue to impose their defensive stance, a sign of things to come.  BUT, a successful defensive stance defeats its purpose when the team is committing too many turnovers (21 total for the game, 6 by Iguodala) resulting in points off turnovers (20 buckets by the Spurs).  It’s a flaw they must continue to address until it’s rectified to a minimum.  Warriors-037It should also be noted that lady luck favored the Spurs in this game since a number of the offensive rebounds (by the Spurs in the 4th quarter) were the result of the recipients being at the right place at the right time.  As a matter of fact, the Dubs out-rebounded the Spurs 45-42.

Would it have made any difference had our man Kaepernick, I mean Curry played?  I think so… Just for the simple reason that I do not remember Curry having a history of extended shooting dry spell, and the fact that he is not a streaky shooter… That’s the difference. But, I think the decision NOT to play him was a prudent one indeed, the season is still in its infancy and there will be another game against the Spurs. Warriors 74Spurs 76 11/08/2013

Another impressive road win for the Warriors.   Albeit, I am a bit concern of our man Curry’s injury.  Let’s hope that it will not sideline him at all.  Warriors are reporting that it is not his ankle but a bone bruise.  Our man Curry pretty much brushed off the injury, I am a little more concern about the rolling his ankle incident… We’ll see how he’ll be in tomorrow’s game against the Spurs.  There are just too many good things happening to the team and the last thing they need is another injury.

Warriors-036As for the game itself, it appeared in the early minutes that both teams were going to trade points, until the Warriors picked it up and displayed their stellar defense. Klay was cold until the fourth quarter when he started firing and hitting his shots, including a number above the arc.  He made nineteen (19) of his thirty  (30) points in the fourth quarter relatively with ease. Barnes return was successful and played like he was never out.  He was productive, played for almost fourteen (14) minutes and contributed fourteen (14) points coming from the bench.  Iguodala once again scored in bunches and had a total twenty (20) points for the night.  Bogut was not as productive in this game, he was done before the fourth quarter expired for committing six fouls.  But the good news is, it didn’t really matter just for the simple reason that his teammates were just playing efficiently.  Which brings me to conclude that once again, the always reliable under-rated David Lee in my opinion was the difference in this game. Lee’s defense against Kevin Love limited the latter to a 10-25 shooting.  He guarded him (Love) and still managed to put up his usual double/double. BUT, just like the previous games, what is impressive about this game is the fact that they won because of their defense, period.  Even though Bogut played sparingly (due to his foul troubles and subsequently fouled early in the fourth) and our man Curry getting injured in the second half, the team’s tenacity made it possible to once and for all put the game away for good.  Curry wanted to toughen it out and go back and play, but decided to stay (in the locker room and nurse his injury) after watching Klay in the locker room monitor stepped up his game.  The next game against the Spurs in San Antonio will be a crucial game, it’ll be a measuring stick.  Warriors 106Timberwolves 93 11/06/2013

The Warriors did it again!!!  They played spectacularly against Philadelphia and held the undefeated hot Sixers team (who earlier defeated Lebron’s Heat, Derrick Rose’s Bulls and a convincing come from behind win against Washington) to 35% shooting.  Golden State picked up where they left off in Sacramento by playing awesome defense against Philadelphia.  Once again, the starters only played three (3) quarters.  The final score does not reflect how the Warriors’ dominated and at one point were leading by as much as 39 points.  At the end of three (3) quarters, the starting five sat down with the score at 98 – 65 Warriors. 

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Philadelphia 76ersAndre Iguodala’s return to his former team produced a new career high by making seven (7) shots behind the arc.  In addition to having the hot hands, a number of exciting assist plays involving him (one from Curry and the other to David Lee) is definitely worthy of getting to the highlight-reels.  Although his three’s weren’t going in during the first quarter, the Curry man was productive in other areas of his game resulting in the second triple double of his career.  He was just as spectacular on the floor, specially playing against Sixers point guard Carter-Williams.  But the exciting part of this win is how Klay’s defense held the latter to ten (10) points for the first three-quarters of the game.  Klay was like Magneto and if he continues to perform at this level, he will definitely be closer to becoming a complete player. As for the forever reliable, but under-rated David Lee, he was his usual productive self who seem to have the knack for being in the right place at the right time.  The big Aussie stood tall and was potent as usual.  His presence on the paint truly changes the dynamics of opposing players attacking the rim. Next on the radar will be Kevin Love and the 3-1 Timberwolves.  We shall see if the Dubs can maintain their momentum along with their defensive stance going when they visit Minnesota.  Warriors 110Sixers 90 11/04/2013

So the turn-over against Sacramento was kept to a minimum, but it is still an ongoing problem.  After our man Curry acknowledged the problem (during his half-time interview) and what needs to be done, what happens next?  Successive turn-overs in the opening of the third quarter, resulting in quick six points by the opponent, not to mention the two T’s in the second quarter he and David Lee 1-Warriors-035incurred for a delay of game infraction. In other words, it is a persistent problem that must be addressed seriously before it becomes detriment.  Enough said.

Other than the aforementioned, the Warriors played the way they’re suppose to DEFENSE STANCE BABY!!!  Thanks in part to Coach Malone.  The final score does not really reflect how the DUBS dominated the game by playing good defense, allowing the Kings only 35%+ shooting percentage. Bogut was successful at keeping Cousins at bay and Klay was spectacular all-around.  He defended well, and took advantage of the mismatches.  Our man Curry doubled in field-goal and assists played fantastic as was the reliable David Lee.  Andre Iguodala the facilitator was low-key but definitely commanded attention.  One important factor of this win is the fact that it was the result of playing great defense. There is no better feeling knowing you won because you controlled your opponent’s offensive performance.  Can we do it again?  Looking forward to the next game against a hot Sixers team. Warriors 98Kings 87 11/3/2013

You just cannot turn over the ball twenty-four times and expect to win.  Our man Curry was responsible for eleven of those mistakes.  A number of which were just plain carelessness on his part.  At one point he turned the ball over successively resulting in back to back points… That should NEVER happen, period.  And to add insult to injury another series of successive interception 1562921_sp_clippers_warriors002_LSoccurred while inbounding the ball.  C’mon! It doesn’t take a genius to inbound the ball. As a matter of fact there is something hardly seen during games when inbounding the ball. The in-bounder can actually move laterally to make it easier to inbound the ball to a teammate. Twenty-four turn overs is just not going to cut it, it is one too many.  Those were lost twenty-four field goal attempts, that had the potential of yielding forty-eight (48) points.  But even if the team just made 20% of those twenty-four (24) turn-overs, it would have yielded ten more points.  Hence, it’s a very big deal.  Curry in particular must be more conscientious when he’s handling the ball, protecting it must be a mind-set.  The other problem was Klay’s hot hands against the Lakers were cold as ice against the Clippers, his offense was just not there.  Overall, their defense wasn’t as potent when compared to the game they played against the Lakers.  Offensively in the second half, Curry kept them within striking distance.  If not for the twenty-four turnovers (and the too many second chances the Clippers were getting), the result could’ve been different.

The Dubs in this game were just not as sharp like the previous night.  One positive aspect coming out of this game is how Bogut responded when DeAndre shoved him and  he pushed back with authority… A message to everyone that the Warriors will stand toe to toe with anyoneWarriors 115Clippers 126  10/31/2013

Good way to start the 2013-2014 season, with a big bang!  A big win against a Kobe-less Lakers team who (just yesterday) dominated the Warriors-032Pacific Champs L.A. Clippers. Tonight’s win is somewhat of a statement for the Warriors. After years of feeling disrespected by the other teams the tide is starting to turn around.  Could this be the start of passing the baton? They picked it up from where they left off last year, defense that is.  It seems to look like they’re ready to contend once again and prove they are bona fide and a team to reckon with in the Western Conference. We will see.  The other half of the Splash Brothers had a spectacular game last night and had the coach allow him to play the 4th quarter, he probably would have scored fifty (50) or more points… Klay was just smoking hot and there was no stopping him, his offense was just superb.  For the most part everyone had a good night. Bogut stood his ground, manned the paint and swatted a number of shots.  Curry had an off-night shooting but productive in other areas of his game.  He assisted the hot hands of Klay whenever he got the opportunity.  And the always reliable David Lee did his thing as usual.  Made his shots, rebounded well and made some exciting plays, especially the behind the back assist from Iguodala which he “finger-tipped” quickly back to Iguodala for a lay-up… It was a thing of beauty.  Iggy did what Iggy does best facilitate and drive to the basket.  The bench was pretty much productive as well, everyone was just in synch and there was no denying their determination.  Even the rookie Ognjen Kuzmic excited the sold out crowd with his “slam dunk babyy!” lol.  A perfect opening night for Warriors fan to say the least.  It’ll be convincing to follow tonight’s success with a win against the Clippers in tomorrow’s game in Los Angeles.  Warriors 125Lakers 94  10/30/2013

Tomorrow, Oct. 30, 2013 is the big day, and can our Golden State Warriors live up to what everyone is saying about the team?  Warriors-034ESPN, USA Today, Hoopsworld, Yahoo! Sports, Sports Illustrated, and NBC Sports all list the Warriors among the NBA’s top 10 teams.  Sports Illustrated in one of their articles states Golden State Warriors as “The New Showtime”, going as far as comparing the team to the Magic Johnson-led Lakers dynasty that won three titles.  I say, talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words.  What I know is, this 2013-2014 roster is deep in talents.  Therefore taking it to the next level (as long as the starters remain healthy) should NOT be a problem.  They control their destiny from hereon.  10/29/2013

The wide world of sports need to publicize more of the good deeds some of the professional athletes are involved with… Warriors-030 The likes of the Curry’s, Tebow’s, Lin’s, and the Smith’s, caring athletes involved with meaningful causes that absolutely make a difference in the lives of the needy and the disadvantage.  Putting them on the spotlight exemplifies the effects of helping the less fortunate and sets a positive example for the younger generation.  They can actually see their idols in the works, someone they can emulate and look up to as genuine role models.  Stephen Curry sets a good example of what giving back is all about, the “King Of Three’s” lets his actions do all the talking Click_Here-003.  

How about this, Curry and Curry?  Sounds like a law firm doesn’t it?  But it is about Steph’s younger brother Seth joining the Warriors…  For now anyway.  It’s a long shot that he lands a spot in the roster but hey, anything can happen.  And if it doesn’t, his plan is to join the Warriors d-league team in Santa Cruz (also called the Warriors), gain experience and work his way back up.  But can you imagine if he becomes part of the fifteen players roster?  Yup! I see it too… Scuds flying from above the arc… three’s everywhere dude! 

Warriors-028The loss of Jarret Jack made the search for a player who can play back-up point guard imperative.  So, do you know who Nemanja Nedovic is? Did you say a tennis player from Russia? C’mon! “Manja” is actually the 30th player chosen by the Warriors in the first round of the NBA draft (the Dubs actually traded with the Suns to get the pick).  And based on what I’ve read, the guy just has a tremendous potential and will just get better.  I’ve read that some ESPN analysts during the draft calling him the “European Derrick Rose”…  Although, he (Manja) thinks the comparison is unrealistic, whatever that means… We’ll see.  In the European league, Manja is known as a score-first type PG, but his ability to get to the rim is what will be valuable to the Warriors. According to the report, another strength of his is his talent to pick apart defenders in pick and roll situations… Whoa! Say what?  Did you say pick and roll?  Isn’t that one of the strength of David Lee and Andrew Bogut?.  The article (by Logan Hedrich) also states, “Nedovic’s style of play is essentially attack the rim with no regard to his body.  He takes bumps, finishes with big men in his face and occasionally throws a dunk on a seven footer’s head“.  So, it sounds like the guy is tough which the Dubs will definitely need to compensate for the loss of another tough PG in Jarret Jack.  The article also points out what he needs to improve in is his decision-making and jump shot although the report also states that his shooting percentage outside the arc improved to the upper 39.2 percentile (in 152 attempts).  Whoa! What???!!! Did you say three pointer?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  OMG! ROTFLMAO!

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself here, coming back down to earth.  The aforementioned  are fine and dandy, but I maintain that talk is cheap and that action speaks louder than words.  First, let’s hope the Dubs will get to send him to Vegas for the NBA summer games.  Let’s watch him in action so we can critique his style of play, and then… We shall see.  I can’t wait for October to come.  Until then, be safe and have a wonderful summer Warriors nation!!!

Update: The W’s bought off his contract from his European team so they can sign him and send him off to Sin City.  If true, this guy must be good enough to merit the move. Games will commence July 15th.

The big story in the  bay area, the Warriors !!!  Welcome  Andre Iguodala!!! Warriors-026Wow! Another thumbs-up for the front office. They just do not cease to amaze me. A blockbuster acquisition for the W’s as far as I am concerned. They are finally solid in the wings and built to compete with anyone, especially the Heat.  My oh my, I just cannot believe that it finally happened after so many years of rumors, Iguodala is a Warriors. WOWOWEEEEEEE!!

Addition by subtraction… The acquisition of  Iguodala (made possible by dumping the contracts of Biedrins, Jefferson and Rush plus future draftees to the Jazz) also “required” the team to waive their Bird Rights (to make extra room for the cap) to two proven players, point guard Jarrett Jack and power-forward Carl Landry.  Really sad to see them go, the chemistry was there and they just fit in perfectly. Both were awesome teammates who exemplified team effort. They played hard when called upon and made tremendous contributions to help the Warriors elevate to the next level.  Both had important roles and were instrumental in last season’s success, especially with the team’s successful quest getting to the NBA playoffs. Subsequently, and to silence some of the naysayers, Curry and company played convincingly and eliminated the third seed Nuggets (number one in defense last season) in the first round.  Following their stellar performance against the Nuggets, the Warriors, in the early stage of the best of seven (7), almost upset the Spurs in the semi-finals.  As a whole despite injuries, they showed their resilience and gallant act as a team, they never quit and forced a  game six (6) against the number two (2) seed.  And if not for “key” players sustaining injuries and that’s not an excuse, I really think the outcome could have been different.  Surely, everyone is grateful for the effort Jack and Landry put forth.  The hard work they exhibited, positive traits and leadership will be dearly missed. We are grateful for their services and like Jack said, it’s business and it was great while it lasted… We sincerely wish them both the best in their future endeavors and continued success with their new teams (Jack with the Cavaliers and Landry with the Kings), Good luck to both.  In the meantime, LET’S GO WARRIORS!!! ALL THE WAY BABYY!!!

And for our new kid on the block, Andre Iguodala, what else can I can say?  The pros outweigh the cons in so many ways, the “Dre” is the real deal.  He is the following:

  • Versatile Player (Power/Small-Forward – Shooting/Point-Guard)
  • Defensive minded (One of the best perimeter defender)
  • One of the NBA’s best shooting guard (.46% FG, 33% 3pts)
  • He can pass and handle the ball (5.0 APG)
  • Go to the line (72% FT)
  • Rebounds (5.8 RPG)
  • Good teammate
  • He chose the Warriors for less money
  • His experience will provide quality leadership/mentorship

Did we give too much for Iguodala? Maybe.  But compared to what we were getting in return from Biedrins and Jefferson, I think the big time mula to get Andre was a wise investment on someone prolific instead of on a twosome with diminishing returns.  The return on investment we will be getting with the Iguodala acquisition will be incomparable to what we’ve got from Biedrins and Jefferson, whose remaining contracts “were” going to cost the team a total of $20 million for just sitting on the bench.  And since the coveted player was available for the taking, management made an immediate decision considering then that it was now or never. I am glad the front office management chose the now.  And now (no pun intended), barring injuries God willing, the future is certainly bright for the amazing Warriors.  It is definitely good and exciting time being a Warriors fan.

I am glad the flurry of activities created by this year’s free agency is finally over.  And the news about Dwight Howard choosing the Rockets instead of the amazing Warriors was a breath of fresh air, that was good news for me.  I’m just convinced that had he chosen otherwise, his ego will be in the way and would have disrupted the camaraderie that now exist among the Dubs… a quality I think that also played a role in their success so far.  I also believe that Andrew Bogut will be effectively productive when he is healthy, therefore their chances of competing at a high level next season (banning injuries God forbid) is as good as gold.  We don’t need Howard to get there, we already have the personnel to take us there.

Did you say the Warriors are in Dwight Howard’s list?  Warriors-019Is that surprising?  Of course not.  First of all, like I said in 2012, the brilliant and knowledgeable owners and their equally sagacious front office execs made sure the Warriors will be a choice destination for star free agents… it’s like “branding”Wink.  As for Howard, he played against them so he’s familiar & definitely know the caliber of the Warriors.  Surely he explored a number of factors before deciding to include the Dubs on his list, let’s look at some of them:

  • The young talented roster will be going in next season with playoff experience on their belt.
  • The current roster is among the youngest and talented in the league, a bright future ahead.
  • The Dubs are a genuine contenders to reckon with for years to come, and at the least he’ll team up with one of the best back-court duo in the NBA.
  • Positive feedbacks from the so-called experts and most believe the Warriors are for real.
  • They out-performed the number one (1) defensive team in the playoffs, that wasn’t a fluke.
  • They performed with tenacity against the Spurs in the semi-finals and forced a Game 6, that wasn’t a fluke neither.
  • They’re moving back to San Francisco, a world-class city, an icon in every sense of the word.
  • They will build a state-of-the-art stadium along side the San Francisco Giants… that’s “branding” lol.
  • Abundance of night-life and weekend destinations, like Sausalito, Napa, Silicon Valley, Carmel, Highway 1, just to name a few.
  • And most importantly, the Warriors literally have the best, loyal, knowledgeable fans in the NBA… maybe in sports?

So, I’m not surprised at all, to the contrary, I think it will happen more often in the future (i.e., some NBA stars during free agency will consider Golden State a possible destination).  Everyone wants to be associated with a winner, and rightfully so, the Dubs are just that.  They are a hot commodity playing as a T-E-A-M first, and they’ve been exposed.  It would have been imprudent had he (Dwight Howard)  not consider including the Dubs as one of his possible destination.  The $64,000 dollar question is, if it happens and that’s a BIG IF, will Howard blend in and be a team player?  And will it be okay that he will not be the focal point?  Let’s face it, the thought of Howard joining the Warriors is truly exciting, but not at the cost of breaking up a group that’s already proving a winner… It’s just not the right time to rock the boat and break-up a winning combination.  I would rather move on with the existing roster, give them another season to grow with each other and see how Bogut performs next season.  Management also have another ace in their sleeves, the expiring contracts of Biedrins and Jefferson.  That’s a lot of mula off the book that will buy a quality addition to the roster.  I’m not sure but maybe Howard already reached his peak?  By the way, my son asked, how about Pau Gasol as a Warriors?  The following video is probably what influenced Dwight Howard Wink … need I say more? LOL

Confident Stephen Curry’s Top 10 Plays of the 2012-2013 Regular Season Big Boss 

2013 NBA CONFERENCE SEMI-FINALS:  Warriors #6  vs.  Spurs #2   Warriors-017For the Warriors to be competitive in this series, everyone must be on top of their game.  And just like they did in Denver, they must steal a game from the Spurs in San Antonio to swing the home field advantage to their favor.  Although the Spurs are well rested, I am convinced the Warriors will have the momentum in this semi-finals.  They look confident and relaxed.  This one will definitely be another good series for the Dubs, against a very experienced players.  Basketball fans will be watching another exciting game… David vs Goliath.   May the best team win. LET’S GO WARRIORS!  One game at a time,  YES! DEFENSE! DEFENSE! DEFENSE!

Game 1 (San Antonio):

It’s Monday morning (May 6th 2013) I’m anxious and can’t wait for the game to begin.  WarriorsA1-001For some reason I just feel confident the Dubs will shine in this contest.  Not being biased, but the Warriors  truly have an “A+” game.  And if they bring it in each game consistently, they’re a hard team to beat.  Just my .02, GO WARRIORS BABY!!

This one was a tough loss.  The Dubs literally gave this game away, a very expensive gift to the Spurs. The Warriors inexperience showed in this game.   I just hope they put it behind them ASAP and learned from it once and for all… Warriors-021they just have to take care of the ball, period.  Unfortunately, what they have done more often than not is give away double digits lead in the fourth (4th) quarter.  And this time it bit them behind big time, a sure upset of the home team in the making that turned into nothing.  You’d think the last game against the Nuggets (similar situation) was a learning experience, but I guess not.  There’s no excuse loosing a game you were ahead by sixteen points (16) with just a little over four (4) minutes left in regulation.  Thompson and Green fouling out in the fourth quarter were a factor in this loss.   Also, Curry looked fatigued in the fourth.  The coach should have at least gave him a short rest early in the fourth so he could have been more effective during the last leg of that quarter.  Well, I guess it’s easy to second guess someone’s decision after the fact.

Game 2 (San Antonio): 

Once again, I am anxious and can’t wait for the game to start.  My biggest concern at this point is, did the dynamic duo and company learned somethingWarriors-020 from the first game?  And will it affect their performance?  Obviously the answer to both question is YES, they held up and they came out swinging.  A sign of a confident and maturing team.  Klay is the man in this game. He shot effectively but more importantly he defended consistently. Which reminds me of what Deron Williams said about him, He can shoot the crap out of the ball, and he really knows how to play the game, knows how to pass, which is a dangerous combo and now, he can defend as well.  Since the game is televised nationally and I’m sure worldwide, I bet the Dubs are gaining fans all over.  I am looking forward to the day when both these guys, Steph and Klay, get the hot hands in the same night.  I am sure that will be a sight to see.  And imagine if it happens in front of the home fans?  That will surely blow everyone’s mind.  And, it’s not like it’s impossible.

Game 3 (Oracle):

The fans will come out proud and loud.  Saying this one will be deafening is surely an understatement.  Another exciting game to look forward to.  Warriors-001Not being biased but the playoff series the Warriors are a part of are by far the most exciting and the best one to watch.

I opined too soon and probably jinxed them…Foot in Mouth  Anyway, the only positive thing that came out of this game are the faithful coming out proud and loud.  The Dubs were flat, they were outplayed and did not defend well.  They were so flat Curry missed a couple of free throws and shot an air ball just like Klay and Jack did.  They played terribly tonight and appeared lethargic once again.  They just could not get their game going.  The Spurs continued to press and did a very good job of containing Curry.  Even worse, he tweaked his left ankle again.  Hopefully it is only minor and we’ll see him play in Sunday’s game.  Klay was not as sharp either.  We need at least a split to get this series going.  Let’s hope they will once again recover from a loss.  The Spurs did a terrific job tonight, a well deserve win.  And for the Dubs, it’s back to the drawing board.  I guess Coach Popovich got what he wanted when he wished (during an interview after game 2), that hopefully both Curry and Thompson will cool off in game 3.

Game 4 (Oracle):  Zipped it up this time… I’m not saying anything anymore before the game… Sealed

Proving once again that they are more than just a shooting team Warriors-022(Magic you listening? These group plays defense as well), the Warriors prevailed in this game playing hard and defended well. And, they did exactly what I’ve been waiting for, to see someone step up to the plate (when the dynamic duo are having an off day) and be the difference maker. Bogut did a good job playing against Duncan, stood his ground and collected eighteen rebounds.  Barnes and Jack kept the offense going and Biedrins, yes! that Biedrins, got three rebounds in a span of two minutes.  And though the Spurs controlled the tempo for most of the game, for the Warriors to over-come an eight (8) points deficit in the fourth and sent the game to overtime is saying a lot about the team.

But let’s get real, many are still not convince by what this particular group of Warriors are all about even though the series is tied at 2-2.  “Most” are still predicting they don’t stand a chance, especially two more games in San Antonio.  My take, “Don’t count the chickens before they’re hatched, for these Dubs are legit and they just will not quit, they’re in it to win it”.

Game 5 (San Antonio):

First, let’s give credit where credit is due.  Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Harrison Barnes offense Warriors-023was just fantastic… remember, the guy is a rookie.  Jarrett Jack was tremendous, kept at it and gave it his best.  Other than that, the Spurs were just the better team in this game.  They totally outplayed the Warriors on both ends of the court.  They came out to play to win it.  Not an excuse but I think the injuries are starting to catch up with the Warriors.  It’s obvious what Curry is going thru, Klay had another bad shooting night, Bogut tweaked his ankle and David is not 100 percent.  They lost and it is, what it is.    And I don’t think playing Curry tactically (when he’s not even 75%) just to be a threat is not a good idea.  I think like they did in this game, if Curry plays in Game 6, the Spurs will continue to press him to force a possible bad play that could result in points for the Spurs.  And even if they (Warriors) win Game 6, it does not change the fact that momentum is back with the Spurs.  So in my opinion, resting Curry in Game 6 could benefit them in Game 7 when he’s rested and able to play, that is of course if there will be a Game 7.  They’re at a point now they have to give the Spurs everything they’ve got and that means, if David Lee is able to play, let him start to rack up points and rebounds.  Landry is good but David is more consistent.  LET’S GO WARRIORS!!!

Game 6 (Oracle):

First of all, I hope Harrison Barnes is okay, sounds like he got a concussion.  The kid had a very impressive rookie season and will only get better from hereon.  He has a good future ahead of him.  He got better in the playoffs, an amazing fit.  To see a rookie contribute like he did only makes one look forward to the next season.  If he continues to excel, Warriors-024he will definitely be another Warriors to reckon with, another star in the making?  I hope he gets better and good luck to him.

Just like Game 5 and I stand corrected, the Spurs again were the better team.  They moved the ball better and made key shots.  It’s been fun and exciting while it lasted.  These series was probably one of the best this season.  I wish it could have lasted to the championship but like I said in Game 5 their injuries finally caught up with them Key players like Bogut and Lee played limited minutes in the last two games.  No excuses, but you just can’t play with one leg and expect to be competitive, especially in the playoffs and against a very experienced team like the Spurs… no way.

To conclude, this particular Warriors roster have definitely exceeded every expectation brought on by the so-called experts during this season.  They were fearless and determined against the Nuggets and the Spurs, they did not give up.  They showed the fans that the doubters and non-believers alike are mistaken, that they (Dubs) are for real and are a team to be reckoned with for years to come.  As I’ve said before, Warriors-016“They Are Legit and They Won’t Quit”… they’ll fight to the end.  Beating the number one defensive team (Nuggets) was a statement.  Getting to the semi-finals and forcing the Spurs to play Game 6 is a huge accomplishment.  Albeit, things probably could have been different had they not given game 1 to the Spurs or had everyone been 100 percent.  Bogut is awesome when he’s not hurting, a genuine force in the middle.  Now imagine him more than 75 percent healthy next season.  Brandon Rush will be back as well.  And both Biedrins and Jefferson have an expiring contracts, that will be big mula they can plan the future with.  So everything is good.  The Warriors future is bright.  They’re young, talented and definitely contenders.  Hopefully they’ll find a way to bring back Jack and Landry.  Let’s hope everyone will come back healthy next season and play with the same tenacity… Pick up where they left off and build from there.  Until then, be safe, 3GS to everyone and GO WARRIORS !!! Over and Out (05/16/2013: 10:15pm).

2013 NBA CONFERENCE  PLAYOFFS:   Warriors #6   vs.  Nuggets #3

Game 1 (in Denver):  The first game against the Nuggets could have gone either way, but it is what it is.  Now it’s imperative we win the second game to turn home field advantage and put the pressure against the Nuggets.  If will be huge if we can win the next game.  It will at least give our team confidence boost.  After-all, the Nuggets I believe has the best defense in our conference if not the league.

Game 2 (Denver):  YES! YES! YES!  UNBELIEVABLE! WOW!!! This game is ours and the series is now headed to ROAR-ACLE.  This is a huge win for the Dubs.  Now just imagine what will happen if the Warriors win the two games at Oracle?  Remember, these games are televised nationwide.  This is good publicity for our beloved Warriors.  This is prime time people!!

Game 3 (Oracle):  The Dubs are just playing hard, good basketball.  Mark Jackson got the guys believing in themselves, let’s hope it gets carried over to the next game.  Like the III says, basketball is a mental game… So “DON’T STOP BELIEVING WARRIORS!” and “YES! WE BELONG!”.   By the way, Kudos to the coach, keep up with the good work. 

Game 4 (Oracle): Big SmileMan oh man!!! is Curry playing at an “Elite” level or what?  And truly, a bona fide star is born.  The Warriors are now leading the series 3-1, Wow!  Won both games against the Nuggets at Oracle… Warriors-009just amazing! That’s against the toughest team in the west people.  Game 5 moves back to Denver and definitely will be a fight, and like the Buffer man says, “let’s get ready to rumble”.  We  will surely see a “more” physical Nugget team and will make Curry earn his shots.  BUT that’s fine, the home-court advantage now belongs to the Dubs and for the Nuggets to win, they will definitely have to bring in their A+ game period, and MUST win three to advance.  It can be done and if anyone can do it, the Nuggets definitely can.  We will see how our Dubs will respond to the occasion.

Game 5 (Denver):  The Nuggets were the better team in this game, not surprised atWarriors-007 all, but they have to win the remaining two games  to advance to the semi-finals… I don’t think that’s going to happen.  The DUBS appeared lethargic at first but fought back and trimmed a 21 point deficit to five (5) and “probably” could have won that game had those shots by Thompson and Curry in the last two minutes or so went in.  What’s important in Game 5 as far as I’m concern is the fact that, they (the Warriors) did not give up, they were persistent and resilient.  That is important because it shows their character as a team, that they are very capable of coming back from behind.  They did not panic and worked it one point at a time.  NOW, they must finish it off in Game 6 and go to the next level.

GAME 6 (Oracle):  YES BABY!!! Warriors persistence repressed a fourth (4th) quarter comeback attempt by the Nuggets (which were mostly attributed to six Warriors heart pumping turn-overs in a span of two or so minutes).  BUT! THE WARRIORS PREVAILED & WON THE SERIES (despite of an error prone fourth (4th) quarter).  San Antonio, here we come!  It’ll be David vs. Goliath. 

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors!!! (04/09/2013)  for making this season’s 2013 NBA Playoffs, they earned it and can go farther.  There is no doubt they can play ball with the best the NBA has to offer.  If they can maintain consistency during their run in the playoffs, they will be hard to beat.  Let’s go WARRIORS !!!  All the way baby!!!

Watching the Warriors lately is very frustrating Furious! they’re like Jekyll and Hyde.  In any given night, you just don’t know which character is coming out to play. They lost to the Bulls  again, who out-played them the last time in Chicago and now at Oracle in front of their fans.  The Dubs  lost to struggling team who led by as much as 36 points at the end of the third quarter.  Fifteen games left and it’s not looking Good.  Even if they make it to the playoffs, their inconsistencies could result in an early exit.  I’ll stop making comments here hoping it’ll give them the good Karma (will resume in the playoffs)…   Pray.

I am perplexed about why the Dubs  can’t come out every game and play with the same intensity they did against New York and the Pistons?… All they need to do is be consistent.  It is not like they’re a fluke.  We hear the comments many times from the opposing team’s sportscaster (so we know their opinions are unbiased), how they have labeled the Warriors as a “dangerous” team.  And how they can live up with that reputation just by playing consistently.  If they can do it against the so-called elite teams (like the Heat, Spurs, Thunder, Clippers, Knickerbockers, Celtics, etc.), they should perform effortlessly against less stellar teams?  It doesn’t make sense why their performances against the latter were not up to par.

I was hoping tonight’s game against Monta (with the Bucks) will result in a win compared with last night’s loss against Jeremy Lin (Rockets), unfortunately the outcome was the same.  The Dubs seem to have problems matching up with teams considered less stellar.  I just hope they don’t end up in a tie with the Rockets.  It’s getting to the point where every game they play hereon is crucial.  The Warriors cannot afford to lose more games, especially the ones that are winnable.  They have to revert playing with the same intensity like they did in the first half of the season.  Otherwise it will be an early exit and yet another disappointing season… PLAY DEFENSE BABY!

How about Stephen Curry’s statement performance (nationally televised) at MSG against Carmelo Anthony and the NY Knicks?  After being snob at this season’s All-Star game, there is no doubt the 54 points performance against the Knicks (after sinking in 38 points against the Indiana Pacers last night) will/should influence next season’s selection of the NBA all-stars… like my son says, The ball doesn’t lie!Ahh!… Hear that? Listen up coaches!

First of all, congrats! Big Smile to David Lee for making the All-Stars.  Shockingly, Stephen Curry was not selected? Hell Boy C’mon!  what were they watching?  A number of selected players were from a losing team and he is in a winning team… so what gives?  How can impressive performances be ignored?  Doesn’t make sense.

Alright, they stumbled a bit but they’re still in second place in their division and still sixth overall in the playoff standing so there’s no reason to panic.  Right now, I just want Curry and Lee make the All-Stars, they deserve and belong.

The Dubs continue to impress and making a believer out of the doubters.  Everyone is playing excellent, particularly WarriorsPic2-001Stephen “Flash” Curry and David “Mr. Dependable” Lee who’s been consistently putting out double/double figures game in/game out.  If they continue at this pace, both of these guys could be selected in the NBA All-Stars.  Jarrett Jack is playing superb as the sixth man, Landry is just magnificent off the bench, and the rookies continue to excel… Wow! Keep it up Dubs!

Okay!  So far so good.  The Dubs started the season the right way and seemed to buy in on coach Jackson’s theme of playing defense first.  It is no longer a question of are they for real or a fluke.  The Warriors are definitely for real and a team to be reckoned with.  Beating many “elite” teams is a sign of good things to come.  And beating the champs at their own back yard along with winning the series against the Clippers  3-1 is a statement of confidence.  And doing it all without Bogut and playing as a team is the bigger story.  According to sources close to the team, there is truly a bona fide camaraderie among the players and I can’t say enough how important that is for the team to be successful.

The Dubs are really looking good.   They won six out of seven away games.  A lot of the games were impressive wins including the come from behind win against the defending champs in Miami.  If they can continue their winning ways at home, then maybe it’s time to take this team seriously, even by us fans.

Read what players like Kobe, Durant, Westbrook, and others are saying about the Warriors’ Klay Thompson… click “HERE“.  Here’s what Deron Williams had to say, “He can shoot the crap out of the ball, and he really knows how to play the game, knows how to pass, which is a dangerous combo“.

Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes dominated the first pre-season game of the 2012-13 season against the Lakers in Las Vegas today, 07/13/2012.  Our  top three drafts fared pretty good with Barnes leading the pack with 23 pts. (4-4 outside the arc) and two rebounds.  Good performance by Green as well putting in nine (9) pts. with nine (9) rebounds.  Festus Ezeli had three (3) pts., five (5) rebounds and three (3) steals.

Okay, I know it does not prove anything yet but our rookies looks promising.  I have a very good feeling about these three and Jarrett Jack is going to be an awesome addition.  Along with his tenacity and determination, his experience and leadership will help the Dubs go a long way.

THE TRADE: monta Well, it is what it is. I am not going to defend or criticize the move to trade Monta Ellis (one of the prolific scorers in the NBA) and the promising Ekpe Udoh… it is a done deal. The question is, was it a prudent decision? We will see. Ownership and management will be judged by what the results will be in the immediate future (October of 2012).

Andrew Bogut? There were many good things being said about him when healthy, but like I’ve said so many times… talk is cheap, actions speaks louder than words. First he has to get better, get in shape, practice and then we’ll all see.  Stephen Jackson? I was nervous there for a moment, “Captain Jack is Back? Oh noooo !!!” But, the Dubs right away worked out a trade with San Antonio sending him to the Spurs in exchange for Richard Jefferson.  Good move for the Warriors, temporarily I hope.

Now that Monta is gone, we can now look forward to ball movement and hopefully “more” defense. His departure will definitely improve ball movement, to find the “best” shot. It will also give playing minutes for the rest of the bench. I truly like Monta a lot and there’s no question he will one day be regarded as one of the best to play.  But I have to admit that ball movement is diminished when he’s in playing, it stops with him.  Instead of finding the hot hands when he’s having an off-night shooting, he continues to shoot.  And more often than not the result is digging a deeper hole to climb out of.  So this move could be a blessing-in-disguise… sometimes you have to sacrifice your best player to make the team better, we will see.

Just watched the game against Portland and the ones before it (they were games after Monta was traded), and I have to say, so far so good. I like what I’m seeing. The ball is getting a lot of touches and finding the hands with the better shot.  Klay and Jenkins hmm… I am once again looking forward… lol. 

How about their 2012 draft picks? Warriors-018Barnes, Green and Ezeli, I understand not only are these rookies a bunch of talents, but they seem to also have the right attitude. A good mindset to have, especially in group sports. Something that can lead in a camaraderie among the players. Also, I read that if push comes to shove, the coach will not hesitate inserting them to the line-up to play immediately. That’s how confident the coaches are about these rookies. They feel they are capable of contributing immediately. Their draft selection went so good, the average grade they received from the so-called experts is an A. Wow! There is really nothing else to say but, GOOD JOB WITH THE DRAFT WARRIORS MANAGEMENT!!!

I have been a long time Warriors follower going back when they were the San Francisco Warriors… the Rick Barry days, remember?… lol. Recently, I read an article stating that there is a possibility the Warriors will move back to San Francisco.  I think for various reasons, that will be a prudent business decision that is long overdue. And if it does happen, the move can really help the team attract some of the big name players to the bay area in the future. Keep in mind a lot of these players like glamor and San Francisco with its exemplary reputation (and being one of the elite cities on the planet) can definitely help that cause considerably. The Warriors will once again be associated with elegance and respectability, something a lot of these players like being associated with.  No disrespect to Oakland, but, San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Pyramid, Tony Bennet, Cable Cars, etc.  And just like New York – The Big Apple, San Francisco is an icon, one of the greatest cities in the world… it’s like “branding”.  Also, have you ever wondered why the previous owners have not suggested to change the team’s name to the Oakland Warriors? 05/20/2012

Update: It’s official, the Warriors are moving back to San Francisco… it’s about time. A new stadium will be built around Piers 30-32 (not too far from the SF Giants Stadium), and games will begin during the 2017-2018 season. 05/22/2012

Rumors about the Dubs going after Brandon Roy?  If true, is this a good move?  Seems like the Dubs are attracted to injury prone players, what do you guys think?

Now that the NBA lockout is over, I can’t wait to see the DUBS on the court. So far everything I’ve read and heard are just positive things. The coaches and players are all saying the right things, but, “action speaks louder than words”… we will see. Also, it really sounds like the Harbaugh theme of “Do it for the team” mantra is what is being preached with the Warriors as well. And if the players buy into it, it’s not unrealistic to think there is a chance for a playoff run this season.

The All-Stars: Once again, Montastic was overlooked as an All-Star. One criteria that should be amended is the teams W/L record, the latter should be eliminated and changed to annual “personal” achievement (as of this writing, the Phoenix Suns are only half a game better than the Warriors). If Steve Nash deserves to go this year, Monta Ellis definitely deserves to be there as well.

The San Francisco Warriors

 I’m patiently waiting and enthusiastically looking forward to see what our new coach (Mark Jackson) is going to do with the dynamic duo of Montastic and the Curry man. There will be a dramatic change for this year’s games because of the fact that this team will be totally different from what the fans are accustomed to. It will be a 180° change  faithfuls are used to watching (the “Nellie Ball”). This time, the emphasis will be put on defense. And if coach Jackson is successful in implementing it, can you imagine what a run-n-gun team playing defense can do? This is truly unimaginable, the Warriors will be playing “D”? WOW! I’m crossing my fingers. I just hope it will not be another disappointing year (we’ve had too many of those already). I hope the change in ownership & management will help propel the team to the winning side. They owe it to the best fans in the NBA. And besides, the team is equipped with many talents for it to be mediocre. What is missing is effective leadership (good luck to coach Jackson), and change that was long overdue. 06/24/2012

DUBS just could not shake the bad luck. Loosing Kwame will truly hurt their defense but more importantly, their lack of consistency will really diminish their chance of going to the playoffs this year. But is it just my imagination? The bench seems to be playing and defending better than the starters. Sad to say, but it is starting to look like it’s going to be another one of those loosing seasons. The team scores in bunches but seem to lose stride in the fourth and could not finish. What’s up with that? If only they can toughen up in the fourth and hold a stance, they’ll be hard to beat. The good news is it’s not too late.

So now that free agency is over and management were unsuccessful courting one of the sought after “big” men of the recent free agency, I think selecting Kwame Brown is a good contingency move (except for the $7 million one year contract) and will suffice as a short-term solution. What’s important is the effort put-forth by the new owners in trying to acquire a genuine center, it is encouraging. And as far as Kwame is concern, who knows, playing along side Montastic and the Curry Man (and having a defensive minded Coach), could help spark the best in him. We finally have a genuine big body in the middle who is capable of disrupting shots inside the paint.

Honorable Mention:

Not too long ago we had TEBOWING!, now we have the BAL-LIN!..get it? lol How about Jeremy Lin (former Warriors, a Knickerbocker saviour and now a Rocket)? Is this guy for real or what? One thing the kid accomplished is prove he belongs and can ball with the best… yeahbabyy! After putting in an impressive 38 points against the Lakers, Kobe can no longer claim he doesn’t know him…  😉 AND! how about that spin move to the basket (against Fisher)? Penetrated Fisher’s defense, picked-up the ball (off his dribble) with his right hand, spun around Fish and laid up with his left… Wowowee!!! that was f-ing sweet!

Here’s what Kobe said about Lin: “He played extremely well. He has been phenomenal. We watched some tape on him. We came up with a strategy that we thought would be effective but he was knocking down his jump shot, penetrating, and he got around our guards. It is a great story. It is a testament to perseverance and hard work. It is a good example to kids everywhere.”

Clearly, JLin thrived in D’Antoni’s coaching style. It revived the pick and roll the coach established in Phoenix (with Nash and Stoudemire) during his tenure there. And if Carmelo was smart and deferred to Lin as the playmaker, the Knicks would have gone further than they did.  Click here to read more about what Magic, Nash, etc., is saying about the LINsanity.

The kid is definitely not a fluke, his performance is so impressive he’s creating a huge following of fans and commentators/experts alike not only in the Big Apple but across continents. The first time I heard about JLin was when my buddy Clarence invited me to watch a collegiate basketball game in the south bay (between Santa Clara and Harvard). I’ve been a fan ever since the Warriors acquired him as a non-draftee. Not only can he ball but he is also likeable because of his humbleness and low-key attitude. I heard not only is he a Tebow fan, the latter is his idol as well. We need more exposure of the Durant’s, Tebow’s and the Lin’s in professional sports.

I guess the Warriors can take the credit for helping establish his NBA career. As a matter of fact, they helped him twice, first by acquiring him warriors16as a non-drafted player and second by waiving him (in which I read a decision the owner struggled with but had to do to make room for cap to acquire DeAndre Jordan) . And from thereon, it went just like the saying goes, “things happen for a reason”. Had he not been waived, he’d still be a third stringer (because with Nate Robinson on the bench, the latter is the favored sub for either Ellis or Curry thereby limiting Lin’s playing minutes). He would have not flourished had he remained a Warriors and we might have not seen the performance he is displaying now playing for the Knicks. I guess when Coach D’Antoni decided to start him, JLin this time took advantage of the situation and gave it the “this is it or never” mentality, played aggressively and it truly paid off. Wow! just another genuine feel good story about under-dogs (just like Tebow)… I’m a big fan so I wish the kid continued success in NY and his future endeavors from hereon.

How about that! LIN-sanity just made the front page of the Time Magazine, not once but twice… Go Jeremy !!!


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